Junji Ito Horror Anime Adaptation ‘I Wasn’t Good At It.’ Rie Suegara, Yumiri Hanamori, and Two Voice Actors Discuss the Appeal

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Horror manga artist Junji Ito’s animation “Junji Ito ‘Maniac,'” which won the Academy Award “And Eisner Award” for the manga world last year, was distributed worldwide on Netflix on January 19th. Rie Suegara, who plays Tomie Kawakami, and Yumiri Hanamori, who plays Tsukiko Izumisawa, were appointed as voice actors for “Tomie Photo.” We talked about our impressions when the role was decided, episodes during dubbing, and the charm of Junji Ito’s work. (Composed by Chie Nomura)

Challenge because I’m not good at horror
Mr. Suegara, who plays the role of Tomie Kawakami. How did you feel when you decided to act? Rie Suegara (hereafter, Suegara): most of the anime I usually watch have happy endings and adventures, and I am not very good at horror. However, I wanted to maintain the expectations of those captivated by Mr. Tomie’s charm, so I felt quite a bit of pressure.

Because I’m not good at horror, I thought I was on the side of understanding things like If it’s something like this, it’s scary” This kind of tension and temperature is scary. It was a new challenge for me.

What was challenging about playing the role of Tomie, and what episodes left an impression on you? Suegara: Mr. Tomie doesn’t seem interested in other people. Yumiri Hanamori (henceforth, Hanamori): That’s fine, Tomie-san. She knows she’s beautiful, doesn’t she? She comes to me with the feeling that she likes me (laughs).

Hanamori-san, do you love Tomie too? Hanamori: I’m trapped (laughs). Suegara: Thank you (laughs). I thought that Mr. Tomie had a rather delicate side, such as pretending that the direction of the arrow was pointing toward the other person and that it was returning to himself, so it wasn’t easy. Hand. I would be happy if everyone could feel that.

Are there any parts of yourself that you feel are similar to Tomie? End pattern: It probably overlaps. I don’t think so. Hanamori: (together with Tomie) Her hair is trun trun. I’ve been watching from behind the scenes. I’m sorry, I’m not secretly shooting. I will not sell it. (laughs) Suegara: (in Tomie’s voice) Really? It’s because the beauty salon treats me beautifully every time. Mr. Tomie is natural. Hanamori: Because she has natural beauty. Suegara: That’s why I’m sure you’re attracted to me. In that respect, I thought it would be nice to have something in common, but Mr. Tomie was too bright, so I thought, “I have to catch up!” Hanamori: Tomie-san is a beauty far from human.

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