‘Hiroaka’ New Chapter Black Hero Edition Starts! New KV & PV release

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The 6th season of the TV anime “My Hero Academia” is being broadcast on Saturday, October 1, 2022. With the start of the new chapter “Kuroi Hero Arc” from the broadcast episode “Zenryoku!!” on Saturday, February 11, a new key visual and new PV have been lifted.

“My Hero Academia” is a comic series by Kohei Horikoshi serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. A high school student aiming to become a hero, Izuku Midoriya and his classmates grow up, fight, and develop a story of friendship.

The TV anime series (produced by Bonds) based on it was broadcast from 2016 to 2021 until the 5th series, and the long-awaited 6th series is currently being published.

And from the 19th episode (132 episodes in total) of the 6th season, which will be broadcast on Saturday, February 11, the new chapter, “Black Hero Edition,” will start! In the original, the story will be drawn from the beginning of Volume 32 of the comic.

In a society that has been devastated by the all-out war between heroes and enemies (villains), the power that the “great evil” All for One and the death pattern Kiso are aiming for is the “individuality” “One for All (OFA).”, Deku left Yuei High School alone so as not to hurt anyone around him. Only he can do it. Only one battle and drama will unfold.

A new critical visual and promotional video has been unveiled for the new chapter, “Black Hero Edition.”

First, the key visual is drawn by Yoshihiko Umakoshi, who is in charge of character design for this work. Deku decides to fight alone, and All Might supports him even if he can’t resist. And the seven successors, including the first Yoichi, who live in Deku’s OFA, emerge like an aura.

The aspect of Deku’s hero costume has also changed from “Black Hero Arc,” and it is impressive that he is wearing a “dark hero” atmosphere.

And the PV consists of dialogue, drama, and action scenes that show Deku’s determination, with the 2nd cool OP theme, “Bokura no,” sung by Eve in the background. Successive successors of OFA, including All Might, and Lady Nagan, a new character that Deku will face off with, will also appear, and the finish will increase expectations for the new chapter, “Black Hero Arc.”

Also, in the 19th episode (132 episodes in total) of the 6th season broadcast on Saturday, February 11, Deku, who left Yuei alone, and Deku in the 3rd season’s “Rinkan Camp.” The enemy Muscular, who fought fiercely, fights again!

In commemoration of the new chapter and the rematch of Muscular, the 3rd episode 4 (42 episodes in total), “My Hero,” will be distributed free of charge for a limited time on the YouTube TOHO animation channel.

This is open until 17:59 on Sunday, February 12, so take advantage of it!

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