Kaoru Karēzawa’s current drifting 153rd Japanese DX that Corona sword pushed his back, that is the mystery of Pepper production suspension

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It’s been a year and a half since the new coronavirus appeared globally, and many people say that they are tired of their current lives and that they are at the limit of their patience.

On the other hand, I also nod with a face like “I feel completely do,” but for some reason, my chin naturally squeezes, so I feel like “I don’t think so much.”

The limit of patience in my current life is that I haven’t put up with anything in the first place. Honestly, I even feel sorry for the current situation to “return to the original.”

It’s not that there are still a few people who want to get Corona. I like the threat of the virus to go away as soon as possible, but the current trend of “don’t leave the house, don’t meet people” is a relatively comfortable environment for hikikomori communicators. Last year, my family was tasked with a mission: Impossible, which Tom also called “Neighborhood Association Officer,” but fortunately or unfortunately, it was the heyday of the coronavirus, so there were few meetings.

This alone has an economic effect of 2 trillion yen for communication. Instead, it’s strange why they had been together until now. Also, there was an excellent reason for not meeting people. Before Corona, I tried not to meet people as much as possible, but it is unnatural to keep avoiding face-to-face meetings, and it is creepy as existence like the Great Demon Lord Burn in the village.

It is epoch-making that it can be done with just one word, “corona measures.” By the way, I haven’t had a meeting with Tokyo for more than a year, but when I say “countryside” or “the village of the Clan Roh Party,” people say “it’s impossible,” and no matter how dull people say “Murahachibu.” You can understand.

However, this is not an excuse for Corona, and, seriously, Murahachibu has been stopped from going to Tokyo by his relatives.
In other words, corona life is a peaceful world for hikikomori communicators who do not have to meet people naturally and without lying.

In digitalization that has progressed due to the corona wreck, that robot In

This way, the whole world has begun to “recommend not to meet people directly,” so along with that, there are tools such as Zoom that do things without meeting directly. It spread rapidly. Without Corona, digitization of documents and remote work would be delayed, and the Japanese office was still stagnant due to a paper jam in a fax. The world view was still crushed by the omission of the seal of the superior. Let’s go.

In addition, the idea that if it is not good to contact people, it is better to deal with people who are not people at all has naturally spread.
In other words, Corona also promoted the spread of “robots.” It seems that some companies and stores have taken the opportunity of Corona to make robots perform cleaning and waitpersons.
It became clear that Softbank’s humanoid robot “Pepper” has stopped production in such a tailwind.

If you don’t be afraid to be treated like an old woman, it’s “Zuko,” and it’s too headwind to look like TM Revolution. As a measure against Corona, I thought that the demand for peppers would have increased because more stores would have robots handle the entrance, but that didn’t seem to be the case. It appears that the current aircraft can continue to be used, but, indeed, the business is not in good shape.

Pepper was too early for human beings who are not “familiar with robots” …?

Indeed, the boom is gone. I’m not even sure if it was a boom, but it’s not as surprising as it was still in production like the Segway, and now that the Corona is affecting the machine, the news is Even surprisingly.

However, it seems that the word “it doesn’t have to be pepper” is enough when it comes to machine support.

In the first place, from the time of its appearance, Pepper had a visual that could only be said to be “unique” if his boss showed him a picture of “this daughter.” Of course, some people may find Pepper cute, but it’s undeniable that their tastes are different. If it is a joint party, it is a good idea to take a lover to come, but if you want to deal with a large number of people of all ages, such as reception at a sushi restaurant, an inorganic touch panel that does not make you feel any emotions. Is safer. Of course, some people have unique feelings about touch panels, but touch panels that appeal to emotions more than Pepper should not.

Why was Pepper discontinued? Looking at Wikipedia, it became a hot topic in 2014 as a humanoid robot that recognizes emotions. The number of companies using it for customer service and promotion at stores has increased. Still, people’s eyes have become accustomed to the shocking visuals and the terminal. It seems that it has gradually disappeared because its performance and cost performance are not so good.

It is much simpler than the Segway page, and there are no notable episodes such as “The president’s father is about to fall” and “The businessman who bought Segway died in an accident on Segway.” Instead, the obsession of the human being who edited the Segway page became scary.

There may have been problems with Pepper’s appearance and performance, but the reason why his field of activity did not expand so much maybe that we are not yet accustomed to the existence of “robots.” When I see images of humanoid robots for communication purposes, not just Pepper, I often feel “eerie” and think “humans are still better.” With Doraemon at the top, we should have been accustomed to the existence of robots in manga and anime from an early age, but when Doraemon appears from the drawer of the desk, the first impression may be “scared eyes.” unknown.

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