Sado’s ‘stage’ animation was screened locally.

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An animated movie, “Sing a Bit of Harvest,” modeled on the scenery of Sado in Niigata Prefecture, will be screened at the cinema cafe “Gashima Cinema” in Aikawa Kamikyo-Cho, Sado City, from March 2. It was triggered by a comment from a movie fan on the membership exchange site (SNS) requesting screening at Gashima Cinema. Director Yasuhiro Yoshiura is also pleased with the screening in Sado.

The movie is entertainment that depicts the relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and humans through a group of high school students. It was also selected for the Japan Academy Award for Best Anime. It is set in a fictional city, and Sado is the model for the main outdoor scenes.

It wasn’t released at Gasima Cinema when it was screened nationwide last fall, but after that, a person who seems to be a movie fan told SNS, “Let me hear Ai’s singing voice at this emo movie theater.” There was a note such as. Since the relationship between the movie and Sado was not generally known, Yayoi Hotta (45), who runs the Gashima Cinema, investigated the relationship between the cinema and Sado, and the screening was realized.

According to Director Yoshiura, the model is mainly along the eastern coast. He was told about Sado by an art director, and he visited while traveling. Director Yoshiura commented, “I am happy to be the director of the screening on Sado Island.”

Mr. Hotta also said, “It seems that some people visit Sado as a pilgrimage to the sacred place, and there are a series of reservations for seats from outside the prefecture. I want many people to enjoy it.”

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