The world’s first genuine exhibition! ‘Pui Pui Molcar’ patrols at PARCO

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PARCO will hold the first exhibition “PUI PUI Molcar TOWN” of ” PUI PUI Molcar ” at the event space on the 5th floor of Shibuya PARCO on July 16th. Starting with Shibuya PARCO, over the year, Urawa, Nagoya, Fukuoka, HiroshimaTour PARCO around the world. PUI PUI Molcar is a blockbuster anime work that aired over 12 episodes from January to March 2021 on the TV Tokyo series “Kinder TV.”

In a world where guinea pigs have become cars, the healing car “Molcar,” characterized by its round eyes and big round butt, runs around with friendship, adventure, and messy action. It is also the first TV anime series directed by Tomoki Misato, who uses stop-motion techniques. The world’s foremost puppet of Molcar used in the actual shooting at the exhibition hall will be exhibited at the exhibition hall. A diorama that reproduces the set of episode 9, “Sliding Surprise,” will also appear. In addition, there will be an oversized photo spot where you can take a commemorative photo by riding a full-scale molar.

At the unique shop, we are planning to sell exhibition commemorative products using the main visual especially drawn for this event and other advanced products. The event period to visit PARCO in each area is from July 16th to August 1st in Shibuya, August 6th to 23rd in Urawa, September 3rd to 26th in Nagoya, October 10th to 17th in Fukuoka Hiroshima. Is scheduled for December 3-19.

The admission fee is 500 yen with the admission bonus “Molcar Glitter Sticker.” Free for preschoolers. Advance tickets (up to 2 tickets per person) with a designated date and time admission system will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis using the play guide “e +.” If there is space available on admission, same-day tickets will be sold at the venue. PUI PUI Why don’t you try to be healed by entirely using the worldview of Moller?

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