Manga ‘2.5 Jigen no Temptation’ is to be made into a TV anime visual release of Lilitha’s uniform and cosplay.

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It has been decided that the manga “2.5 Dimensional Temptation” will be made into a TV animation. At the same time, a teaser visual and a celebratory illustration from the original author Yu Hashimoto was released.

The work, which started serialization in the manga app “Shonen Jump+” in June 2019, is not interested in real girls and turns affection to the two-dimensional character Liliel. Cosplay coming-of-age comedy depicting a high school boy, Okumura, and a high school girl, Lilisa Amano, who loves Liliel cosplay. The book has been released up to 15 volumes, and the cumulative total of the series has exceeded 1.7 million copies.

The teaser visual, which focuses on the main heroine, Lilitha Amano, depicts Lilitha in her school uniform and Liliel cosplaying through a smartphone camera. Be able to.

Yu Hashimoto, the original author of the anime, commented, “As an author, I really feel the passion of the people involved in the anime, and I’m looking forward to seeing Lilitha and her characters move in full color more than anyone else. I hope all the readers will also be able to see it in front of the screen.” Come with us!” he commented.

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