Manga artist Hiro Mashima, a surprising game life with ‘7 hours’ of sleep time ‘RAVE,’ the first serialized work influenced by KONAMI’s work

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The smartphone game “EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy” (KONAMI), based on the manga “EDENS ZERO,” will be released on February 24th. ORICON NEWS interviewed the original author, Hiro Mashima, who is known as a big game lover, and asked about the episodes that the games he played so far gave to his life as a manga artist.

The game is a top-down action RPG that combines skills and equipment to pursue the ideal build while advancing the dungeon. In addition to the story that faithfully reproduces many of the famous scenes of the original manga, the actual story is also developed. The highlight is the flashy action scenes of each character who make full use of the unique ability “ether gear,” There are more than 100 types of costumes that can be dressed up and original costumes handwritten by Mr. Mashima.

What is the focus of the game?

[Mashima] The point from the gamer’s point of view is that there are plenty of full-scale top-down action elements and customization elements such as equipment and character costumes, and I think that even people who have never read the original can enjoy it. If you like games, I want you to play them.

The particular point about costumes was that we proposed outfits that would look good in the game at the planning meeting. I usually play games and often have a desire to “want to make a character wear such a costume!”, And I drew a part of the costume to reflect that desire. It is a costume with high cosplay, and if it is a female character, cowgirl, maid clothes, SF-like bodysuits, etc., will be implemented. Since many female characters appear in the game, there will be many costumes for female characters, but in the future, I would like to make costumes for male characters as well.

You said that you actively made suggestions to the production team at the meeting.

When I had a meeting with Mr. KONAMI, I asked him to “make a system that allows you to change clothes!” I like top-down action, so I also proposed a game genre. Also, I made an unreasonable request to have more character voices (laughs). He responded firmly and spoke lines that were not transcribed, so I think it was a gratifying work not only for watching but also for listening.

Although “EDENS ZERO” is being serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine,” I think you are spending busy days as a writer, such as serializing it at the same time in addition to the same work. It will be released in such a situation, but I think it will be even more time-consuming, saying “I want to play myself” and “I have to draw manga” simultaneously. How do you secure your usual gameplay time and sleep time that many fans care about?

I’m getting a good night’s sleep! I sleep properly for about 7 hours every day (laughs). I spend a couple of hours before going to bed, and sometimes I don’t play when I’m busy, but when I finish work early, I play all day, so I have a good game life.

Mr. Mashima, who is full of love for games, please tell us if there are any episodes that the game has given to your life.

[Mashima] There are too many to come out suddenly (laughs). As for KONAMI’s work, I love the work “SNATCHER” released in 1988, but there is a mechanism that seems to be a problem in this era … When I was playing it at my parents’ house, I remember being angry when she was found by her mother (bitter smile). That’s why I felt “games are fun!” And naturally became fond of games.

Also, regarding “SNATCHER,” the original story of the heroine Erie of “RAVE,” which is my first serialized work, is “SNATCHER.” So games have a lot to do with creative activity and are an integral part of my life as a manga artist.

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