Manga artist Sanami dies. Manga artists and voice actors mourn Anime ‘Migi and Dali’ broadcast in October ‘I really can’t believe it.’

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Manga “Is it Sakamoto? Sanami, a manga artist known for such works as “Migi and Dali,” died of cancer on August 5. she is 36 years old. On the 16th, her obituary was reported on X (former Twitter) of the serialized magazine “Haruta” editorial department (KADOKAWA). In response, manga artists and voice actors are mourning on SNS.

Manga artist Yuto Kashiki, serializing “Hakumei and Mikochi” in the same magazine, posted, “I’m sorry.

“Migi and Dali” is scheduled to be broadcast on TV in October, and Ayumu Murase, who plays the role of Dali, said, “I’m surprised that he passed away too early. His unique style, drawing ability, and story. I became a fan of the teacher who was involved in it. He came to the post-recording scene and gave me kind words, so it’s frustrating and disappointing that you can’t see the completion. I pray that he may rest in peace,” he said.

Shun Horie, who voices Migi, said, “I’m full of unbelievable feelings. The anime will finally start airing in October. I wanted to share the excitement with you. I wanted you to watch it. And Dali’s scene was a series of directions I had never been asked for as a voice actor, and I loved sharing the confusion and fun with everyone.” continued.

Regarding the obituary of Mr. Sano, the editorial department said, “Manga artist Sanami passed away due to illness on August 5, 2023. Her funeral was held safely on August 7th and 8th. Reported.

“Mr. Sano finished the “Migi and Dali” serialization and discussed the new serialization while supervising the animation. I feel like that.'” He recalled, “Anyway, he was a person who was straight to manga. To draw interesting manga, he was a person who enjoyed the effort to grow as a manga artist.”

“Mr. Sano has continued to draw for Haruta ever since he made his debut with ‘Fellows!’, the predecessor of Haruta. It was a happy time for me as an editor to be involved in ‘Migi and Dali.'”

“Thank you for showing me your sincere attitude towards manga and how you grow as a manga artist up close. You have greatly influenced your fellow manga artists and the editorial department.” Sano-san’s works ‘I’m Sakamoto?’ and ‘Migi and Dali’ have made many people smile.”

He said, “I hope many people will continue to laugh. In October, the ‘Migi and Dali’ anime will start broadcasting. Mr. Sano was delighted with the quality of the animation. Click here. I would be happy if you could enjoy it as well.” He concluded, “The editorial department sincerely prays for the repose of the soul of Sanami-san. Kadokawa Co., Ltd.’s Haruta editorial department.”

In addition, in the X of “Migi and Dali,” which is scheduled to be broadcast in October this year, he said, “The author of the original “Migi and Dali,” Nami Sanami, has passed away due to illness. “I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Sanami for his efforts in the animation production of the TV animation ‘Migi and Dali,’ and I would like to express my sincere condolences to all the animation staff and related parties.” mourned.

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