Miyuki Sawashiro, Junichi Suwabe, Sumire Uesaka, Satoshi Hino in the dubbed version of the orthopedic psychological horror ‘Shaping Water’ from South Korea

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The Japanese dubbed cast of the Korean “Shaping Psychological Horror” theater anime ” Shaping Water ” has been decided by Miyuki Sawashiro, Junichi Suwabe, Sumire Uesaka, and Satoshi Hino.

The original is the omnibus work “Kiki Kaikai” exclusively distributed in Japan as “LINE Manga.” The cumulative number of views globally has exceeded 3.1 billion times, and the evaluation within the Korean “NAVER WEBTOON” service is 9.9 out of 10 points. The theatrical anime version is the debut film directed by Jo Kyung Hoon and was released in theaters in South Korea, which is being locked down in 2020 and attracted a lot of attention.

The main character is Yeji, who is in charge of makeup for famous talents. When Yeji has had a potent complex in appearance since he was a child, when he soaks his face, he receives the miraculous water ” Shaping Water ” that he can freely change to his desired appearance with his own hands. Driven by the desire to be beautiful, Yeji decides to try ” shaping water, “but suspicious events begin to occur around him after a while.

In the Japanese dubbing cast, the main character Yeji / Sole ( Yeji before using orthopedic water / Sole after using) is Sawashiro, and Suwabe plays the handsome and highly educated new actor Ji Hoon. Uesaka and Hino were in charge of the entertainment office manager Kim. Sawashiro, who played the main character who was reborn like a different person before and after using the orthopedic water, said, “Yeji I played is still a beautiful beginner. I can never behave like Fujiko Mine (laughs) I was conscious of that, “he explained with the character of one of his masterpieces,” Lupine III. ” “Usually, when I play a fat person, I often make a low voice, but this time I got a suggestion from the sound director,’ Should I put cotton in my mouth?’ I did it, “he also revealed on the backside of the recording.

” Shaping water ” will be released nationwide from September 23rd. The full comment of the Japanese dubbed cast is as follows.

About the role
Yeji, who I played, is still a beautiful beginner. I can never behave like Fujiko Mine (laughs). I was aware that I was doing my best and growing taller. Typically, when I play a fat person, I often make a low voice, but this time I got a suggestion from the sound director, “Should I put cotton in my mouth?” bottom.

About the work
Horror is a genre that I’m not good at, but when I actually saw it, it had a more pop impression than I had imagined, and it was a spotless work. It has a different atmosphere from Made in Japan. The last is a shocking development that I think I would not do so much in Japan. It may be said that it is unique to Korea in that it rolls down one or two steps.

About the role
Suspense and horror are my favorite genres, and the story seems to be interesting, so when I received the offer, I answered, “By all means!”. It was a lot of fun. First, I built the true Jifun and acted with the image of layering the acting on top of the theater, like putting another piece on it. Based on the original voice, I tried to understand the lines written in the Japanese version of the script and express superficial and inner feelings.

About the work
I was surprised at the end of this story, which can be called a dark fantasy based on the distortion of modern society. I think it is a level that will be handed down to future generations. I would like you to take a look.

About the role Miri, who
I played before coming to the entertainment world, was an ordinary child, but as she was touted, her heart became sick, and as a result, she became a talent with a strong temper. If you are a person who has become, I expanded my image in my way.

About the work The
the theme is beautiful, but I don’t think there is a work that depicts lookism so far. Everyone who comes out lacks emotions other than pursuing the beauty that they lose their compassion and kindness. Even if you get beauty in return, is it meaningful? I will mercilessly follow us. I think that is the power of Korea today.

About the
role It is a role in which the way of thinking changes depending on the person who sees it. How much does he know and act? As I read the script myself, I felt that there were various possibilities left, and it was difficult and exciting to decide where to focus my performance. I played it based on a specific hypothesis, but you can imagine various things.

About the
work I was looking forward to performing it as an entertainment work in which the idea of the work is fascinating, and the story is scary and exciting. I think it is a work with a strong message that beauty is not the only true happiness. It makes me think about the fear of quickly obtaining beauty and the importance of discerning the essence, and it also depicts the horror of human beings who get more greedy when they get what they want. Is also the charm of this work.

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