‘Mr. Komi has communism.’ Announcement of four new characters in the second phase. This PV featuring ‘new friend candidates’ by Makoto Katai is also released.

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The new characters and castings in the second phase of ” Komi-san is a communicator “, which will start broadcasting on April 6, have been announced. This promotional video has also been released.

The original manga by Tomohito Oda is being serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday” (published by Shogakukan). Komi Can’t Communicate (CV: Aoi Koga ), a beautiful girl whose facial expression gets stiff when she tries to talk to others, and Hitoshi Tadano ( Gakuto Kajiwara ), who noticed that she has communism, said, “100 friends. Draw a struggle to “make”. In 2021, all 12 episodes of the first period of TV animation were broadcast, and in the same year, it was made into a live-action TV drama.

In the second term, Katsuyuki Miura and Tadashi Yoneya, who are self-proclaimed good-looking men and have a strong mentality, will be annotated by Katsuyuki Miura. Shotaro Uzawa aims to be a professional shogi player, Fumiko Uchimura hides Kato Mikuni, who tends to talk reasonably, but he has a world-class yo-yo skill. Minami Takahashi plays the proud Ayami Sasaki.

In this PV, where the opening theme song “Blue 100 Colors” sung by Miku Ito is played, Naruse and Yoneya voice as Mr Komi’s “new friend candidate” along with Makoto Katai ( Shinichiro Kamio ), who is kind and gentle—appeared with. Also included is the appearance of Mr Komi, who is now a famous person in the class, and Tadano, who is worried about the balance between himself and himself.

It has also been decided that the program just before the broadcast will be broadcast live on YouTube’s “SHOPRO Channel” from 8 pm on April 1. Aoi Koga as Komi, Gakuto Kajiwara as Tadano, and Shinichiro Kamio as Katai will appear to introduce the charm of the second period and the characters played by each.

In addition, from March 28 to April 1, the first section broadcast will be held in the information variety program “Oha Suta” for children, which is being broadcast from 7:05 am on the TV Tokyo network.

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