What is Jun Shison & Alice Hirose’s desire to transform? Yuki Kaji asserts that he wants to be Mamoru Miyano.

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The first-day stage greeting of the original feature animation ” Bubble,” depicting the story of boys and girls who meet in Tokyo where gravity is broken, was held at Marunouchi Piccadilly, Tokyo, on May 13, including Jun Shison, who was in charge of the voice of the main character Hibiki. Co-starring Alice Hirose, Yuki Kaji, Tasuku Hatanaka, Sayaka Senbongi, Ryota Osaka, and Tetsuro Araki (TV anime ” Attack on Titan “) took the stage.

In connection with this work with the motif of the fairy tale “Ningyohime,” when asked, “What would you like to transform into if you could change your appearance like a mermaid princess?”, Shison replied, “a talented voice actor.” Kaji said, “I couldn’t enjoy it because of the pressure of dubbing alone this time. I wondered if I could give up my abilities like you with money (laughs). I poured the envy of the famous voice actors. I hope you can lend me just one day.”

On the other hand, Hirose wants to transform into a “good-looking guy” “I didn’t like being told” I’m a girl, so wear a skirt, “and I longed for a boy. I want to be told, sir. ” Kaji asserts that he wants to be Mamoru Miyano. From the moderator, it was announced that Miyano, who also appeared in this work, answered “I want to be Yuki Kaji” in a preliminary questionnaire. It became clear that he was in love with each other.

In the play, the scene where young people jump from building to building in a parkour team battle is set in Tokyo, where the bubble ” bubble ” that manipulates gravity pours down, and Shison says, ” Because it is a movie theater, you can feel the depth. ” Hirose, who played the voice of Makoto, a scientist investigating the bubble, recommended watching at the movie theater, saying, “I want you to experience the excitement of riding an attraction at the theater.”

In this work, one picture drawn by Director Araki with the motif of a mermaid princess is the beginning of the project, “I will draw a love story about the mermaid princess shortly. I thought it was appropriate to step on the horizon. ” Regarding the depiction of parkour, “I reproduced it realistically while studying the order in which humans land their feet and which hand to take when rolling. Images that take advantage of the degree of freedom show their actual value on the screen. “

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