‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ Yukaku edition is a series of masterpiece drawings, explaining the points just before the final episode

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The TV anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” is being broadcast every Sunday. Finally, February 13th will be the final episode of the Yukaku edition.

The highlight of the Yukaku edition is probably drawing. As if watching a movie, the beautiful drawing further enlivened the heated battle scene.

The gorgeousness and cruelty of the stage “Yukaku,” the shapes of various brothers such as Sumijiro / Sadako, Prostitute Taro / Fallen Princess, and the brothers of Umeda in the Shinobi era were also drawn. In this article, I would like to summarize the points of the Yukaku edition for the final episode.

A masterpiece battle scene One of the highlights of the Yukaku edition is the drawing of the battle scene. What impressed me was the fierce battle between Umeda and Taro.

In the swordfight scene in episode 8, where neither of them showed a short gap, the movement was too fast to catch up. The flash effect that occurs when the gunpowder ball explodes from Umeda and the sword collides with each other is dazzling.

The battle after the resurrection of Umeda in episode 10 is also a powerful drawing. The trail of the sword and the smoke of the explosion are reflected on the entire screen. The speed of the two was faster than last time, and it was a dynamic battle that no one could approach.

Umeda’s “sound breathing” was also beautiful. In “Kono-type Naruto-Kansei,” several sparks were scattered along with the explosion sound, and it was as vivid as if you were watching a small firework. In contrast, the eerieness of the blood sickle released by Taro Kaoru. The poisonous red and the muddy surface look terrifying to see.

And in the Yukaku edition, the growth of the three demon slaughterers of Sumijiro, Zeni, and Inosuke was felt considerably. The battle scene of the three was also a terrible depiction. Sumijiro performed “Hinokami Kagura”. A brilliantly spreading flame burned a plethora of fallen princess belts. Its power is powering up, and you can see how it gradually masters “Hinokami Kagura.” The lightning bolts of goodness also became more powerful. Inosuke’s “Beast Breathing” was even faster.

In the scene where the three of us in episode 9 are working together to aim for the neck of the fallen princess, Kanjiro’s “water breathing” and Zeni’s “thunder breathing” hold down the obi, and Inosuke runs at full speed. The situation was seen. It seems to be the culmination of the training of three people, and it is a moving picture.

In the Yukaku edition, beautiful drawings were conspicuous no matter where the scene was cut out. There were many “flashy” battles, and many viewers would have been satisfied with the feeling of watching a movie every time after the broadcast.

Various sibling shapes Also, in the Yukaku edition, various sibling shapes were seen. Not to mention the bond between Sumijiro and Sadako. When Sumijiro falls into a predicament in the battle with Fallen Princess, Sadako hides Sumijiro and fights against Fallen Princess. However, the demon’s power increases in Sadako in the Yukaku edition, and she gradually goes out of control. When she saw human blood in front of her, her self-control did not work, and she attacked. Sumijiro stretches his body and stops such a soybean child with all his might. She calmed her down by singing a lullaby that her mother listened to. From this scene, I got a glimpse of family love and brotherhood.

On the other hand, the bond between the prostitute Taro and the fallen princess was also strong. Husband Taro, who was lurking in the fallen princess, appears with the scream of the fallen princess, showing his overwhelming strength to Umeda and others. The fallen princess has begun to show a spoiled appearance that completely changes her strong impression so far. From her appearance, it can be seen that she trusts and longs for her brother from the bottom of her heart. Kotaro also gave a part of his power to the fallen princess and fought against Umeda and Sumijiro while protecting her sister. Despite being a demon, the appearance of supporting and trusting each other as a family is very different from the Kasane demon family, which manipulates spider threads.

Sumijiro probably felt the bond between the two. In episode 10, when he slashed the prostitute Taro’s neck, he watched him overlaid with himself. “If the situation is always different, I might have been like that one day.” “I was lucky enough to be a human being, but there may have been a future in which both of them were demons.” Sumijiro talks. The only difference between ourselves and the prostitute Taro and the Fallen Princess brothers is “human or demon,” and if we mistake even one step, we may have turned to the demon side. He recalled that it was a hazardous situation.

And in episode 8, the sad past with the Umeda brothers was also revealed. Umeda, who grew up in the Shinobi family, said that seven of his nine brothers had died by the time he was fifteen. He described the only surviving younger brother as “a copy of an inorganic father” and strongly thought, “I don’t want to be that kind of person.”

There were no brothers in Umeda who could support each other like the Sumijiro and Sadako brothers and the Kotaro and Fallen princess brothers. I think he grew up feeling lonely all the time. That is why he cherishes Hinazuru, Maki, and Suma’s three wives above all else.

In this way, the Yukaku edition depicts the shapes of various brothers, enriching the story.

The greatness of “Purgatory-san” that emerges from time to time
In the infinite train edition that was broadcast before the Yukaku edition, Flame Hashira Kyojuro was a big success. Purgatory protected all the passengers while shouting the powerful words, “No one can die !!”. Sumijiro, Zeni, and Inosuke, who watched the heroic figure up close, had respect for him. It is no exaggeration to say that the Yukaku edition continued to support the three spirits.

And another one. Purgatory was still alive in Umeda, who was proud of his overwhelming strength and personality. “I can’t do it like purgatory,” he said at a glance. Purgatory continued to exist in the characters’ hearts even after their death, inspiring them. Through the Yukaku edition, I realized once again the greatness of Purgatory.

In the final episode, I would like to pay attention to the whereabouts of Umeda and Sumijiro, who were involved in the terrible explosion in the previous episode, and why the prostitute Taro and the Fallen Princess brothers became demons.

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