New on YouTube for PR animation ‘Minamoto no Tametomo’ in Kamimine Town

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Kamimine-Cho, Miyaki-gun will release the main video of the popular anime “Minamoto no Tametomo,” which released a short movie in December last year, on the video posting site “YouTube” from 5 am on the 2nd. In the short movie, Tametomo’s life is summarized in a digest, and many viewers have requested to produce the main story. The person in charge hopes that it will become a further PR for Kamimine Town.

A total of 13 episodes will be delivered for the new main story. The video, which is about 5 minutes per episode, depicts the life of Tametomo and the people involved in Tametomo, which were drawn in the previous work. Continuing from the previous work, the theme song used was “TIME-TO-MORE,” written by the rock band “Unicorn.”

There was no dialogue of the character in the previous work, but in the main story, a voice actor was appointed. In the morning for the leading role, voice actor Shunsuke Takeuchi, known for Olaf’s role in the movie “Frozen,” was in charge. Voice actor Kunihiko Higashi, based in the same town, will also appear as an enemy. The narration inserted each time was performed by actress Yasuko Matsuyuki from Tosu City.

The first episode is set in Izu Oshima, where the morning was swept away because the Hogen rebellion defeated it. To protect the islanders, Tametomo shoots a good arrow at the enemy’s army that surrounds the island by ship, and it is a prologue-like content that recalls his life so far. It is said that a full-scale story will begin after the second episode.

You can watch it on the official YouTube channel of the same town. The second episode will be delivered in May next year, and after that, one episode will be delivered every month. For inquiries, please call 0952 (52) 2182, Town / People / Work Creation Office. (Kentaro Seto)

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