‘Nyaruko-san” box containing almost everything, on sale 12/23 “Uh! Meow!’

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Anime “Crawling! Nyaruko-san” 10th Anniversary CD & Blu-ray BOX “Box containing almost all of Nyaruko-san” will be released on December 23rd. At the same time, the “10th-anniversary illustration drawn by Mr. Koin, the original illustration” has been lifted.

In the CD & Blu-ray BOX, there are 7 discs + 6 CDs, totaling 13 discs. Uh! Meow!”, the familiar opening theme, “Taiyo Iku Moeyo Chaos,” is a large-volume recording that allows you to enjoy a total of 101 songs.

In addition, the 10th-anniversary illustration drawn by the original fox mark and the 10th-anniversary illustration drawn by the anime is also used, making it a CD & Blu-ray BOX that will be coveted by fans commemorating the 10th anniversary. The price is 32,780 yen.

The first season was broadcast in 2012, and the second season was broadcast in 2013. The phrase “Uh! Meow!” from the first season’s opening theme, “Taiyo Yaku Moeyo Chaos” caused a major movement mainly on the internet. anime series.

The story is, “I’m Nyarlathotep, the chaos that always crawls to your side with a smile♪” A beautiful silver-haired, blue-eyed girl appears in front of a high school boy, Mahiro Yasaka, with a ridiculously incomprehensible catchphrase. She calls herself Nyarlathotep, the evil god of Cthulhu mythology, “Crawling Chaos”, or Nyaruko for short.

Nyaruko, an alien who came to protect Mahiro and fell in love with him at first sight, stayed at Mahiro’s house and even transferred to the same class. approaching. Meanwhile, evil gods come to Earth one after another, aiming at Mahiro. Kuko, the “living flame” Kutugua, and Hasuta, the “unnameable thing” Hasuta join in, and Mahiro’s daily life is swallowed up in a whirlpool of chaos.

“What is the truth behind the spectacular events unfolding on a cosmic scale?” Can Mahiro really live in peace?!

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