Nigeria ‘King of K-Pop Mask Singer’ Singing Contest held

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The ‘King of K-Pop Mask Singer’ singing contest was held in Nigeria.

The Korean Cultural Center in Nigeria (Director Jinsoo Lee) announced a K-Pop Mask Singer Sing Contest at the Cultural Center Studio on August 25th to commemorate Korean Culture Day.

The Cultural Center said, “Thanks to the global success of BTS, interest in K-Pop, which has been staying in some mania groups in Nigeria, is on a steep rise, mainly among the younger generation. Borrowing the concept from the program, we held a K-Pop Mask Singer Singing Contest,” he said.

According to the Cultural Center, ten contestants who passed the online preliminaries appeared wearing Korean Hahoe mask masks that they had decorated themselves and participated in a competition to determine the final winner through survival. It is said that the participants’ selection of songs varied from Twice to Wild Chrysanthemum.

Lee Jin-soo, director of the Cultural Center, said, “It was a good opportunity to confirm once again that the Korean Wave is spreading like this in Nigeria.” “Furthermore, the spread of Hallyu and K-Pop by creating a basis for Korean Wave fans in the country to become voluntary and active actors in each region. We look forward to being able to play an essential role in the

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