Amazon Prime recommended anime ranking! Full of anime that can be enjoyed by adults and children

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Here is a ranking of recommended works from among the anime that can be enjoyed on Amazon Prime Video, a popular video distribution service. Who won 1st place with several hits!?

The ranking was created based on a questionnaire conducted on 508 men and women of Mynavi News members. I will introduce it with recommended comments.

Amazon Prime Video Recommended Anime Ranking

The recommended anime selected by Mynavi News members are the following 25 works. It is full of anime that both adults and children can enjoy.

  1. “Kimetsu no Yaiba” (11.8%)
  2. “Detective Conan” (9.8%)
  3. “Slam Dunk” (9.4%)
  4. “SPY x FAMILY” (6.1%)
  5. “JoJo’s Bizarre” Adventure” (6.1%)
  6. “Dragon Ball” (5.7%)
  7. “One Piece” (4.9%)
  8. “Attack on Titan” (4.9%)
  9. “Kingdom” (4.1%)
  10. “Black Jack” (4.1%)
  11. “Atashinchi” (3.7%)
  12. “Working Cells !!” (3.3%)
  13. “Haikyu !!” (3.3%)
  14. “Golden Kamuy” (2.4%)
  15. “Tokyo Revengers” (2.4%)
  16. “Odd Taxi” (2.0%)
  17. “Hathaway of Flash” (2.0%)
  18. “Chiikawa” (1.6%)
  19. “When I was reincarnated as a slime” (1.2%)
  20. “Gintama” (1.2%)
  21. “Made in Abyss Golden Town” (0.8%)
  22. “My Hero Academia” (0.8%)
  23. “Is it, Sakamoto?” 0.8%)
  24. “Magic Round Battle” (0.8%)
  25. “Lycoris Recoil” (0.4%)
  26. “Kimetsu no Yaiba” (11.8%)

1. “Kimetsu no Yaiba” (11.8%)

“Because a relatively recent blockbuster is being aired” (62-year-old male) “Because the artwork is beautiful and more enjoyable then the original work” (43-year-old male) 58-year-old female) “Once you start watching it, you can’t stop” (53-year-old male)

  1. “Detective Conan” (9.8%)
    “Because the content is rich and worth watching for an anime” (54-year-old male). “Conan’s success is exciting every time” (51-year-old male) (53-year-old male) “Because I’m curious about the continuation and can watch more and more” (19-year-old female)
  2. “Slam Dunk” (9.4%)

“It’s a hot anime with the opening and ending songs” (45-year-old male). “I watched it on Amazon because I watched it a lot when I was a kid, so I’m watching it on Amazon. 40-year-old man ).”

I think there is no other legendary basketball anime than Slam Dunk. It is still enjoyable even now. I am looking forward to a sequel.”

Hanamichi Sakuragi is too cool to decide when it’s time to settle, even if he’s always flirting.” (42-year-old female)

  1. “SPY x FAMILY” (6.1%)

“An anime serialized in Shonen Jump+. It’s impressive that major artists sing both the opening and ending songs. The story is also fascinating.” (58-year-old male) (30-year-old female) “It’s fun. Anya is cute. If I had this kind of ability, my life would be fun” (67-year-old female)

  1. “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” (6.1%)

“I’ve been watching it since the first episode. The original is interesting, and the animation is good” (52-year-old male)

“The voice actors were very good with the characters, and the story was interesting” (39-year-old male)

“It’s just interesting. I want you to see it once.” (48-year-old man)

“Because it’s a work of praise for human beings that depicts the bond between friends, and even though it’s an anime, it’s not for children.” (70-year-old man)

  1. “Dragon Ball” (5.7%)

“I don’t think anyone dislikes it. It’s a masterpiece. “(44-year-old male)

“The greatest masterpiece in anime history!!” (69-year-old male)

  1. “One Piece” (4.9%)

“Clear images and a sense of power and dynamism in the story” (63-year-old male)

“Because it’s fun to watch with children” (56-year-old male)

“The process of growing up is simply fascinating. (75-year-old man)

“Because the lines of each character are full of quotes. There’s a deep meaning hidden in the short lines, and it’s almost like this anime is made up of quotes. Pick up those lines. It’s one of the fun things about this anime.” (50-year-old male)

  1. “Attack on Titan” (4.9%)

“I think the story and visuals are better than other anime” (51-year-old male)

“I was shocked by the detailed story and world view” (44-year-old male)

I want to see it.” (33-year-old male)

  1. “Kingdom” (4.1%)

“The grandeur of the world and the many outstandingly attractive characters are wonderful, and no matter how many times I watch it, discoveries come out every time. The excitement is irresistible.” (62-year-old man)

“The story is interesting .” I look forward to the updates every week” (48-year-old male)

“It’s incredibly cool” (43-year-old male)

“Because I like the original” (50-year-old male)

  1. “Black Jack” (4.1%)

“Osamu Tezuka’s popular work has been made into an animation, and the story and realism are wonderful” (70-year-old man)

“My favorite among Tezuka Osamu’s works” (63-year-old man)

“Famous and exciting, but not quite. Unfortunately, I don’t have a chance to see it.” (49-year-old male)”It’s nostalgic.

  1. “Atashinchi” (3.7%)

“I like it because it makes me laugh out loud” (34-year-old female)

“I can sympathize with the heartwarming depictions of everyday life” (37-year -old female)

“I can watch without thinking” (62-year-old male)

  1. “Cells at Work!!” (3.3%)

“It’s not just an anime, and it’s also a great way to learn about the human body” (42-year-old male)

“It’s also evaluated as medically accurate, so it’s a good anime to acquire medical knowledge” (60-year-old male) casually.

“I enjoyed watching it with my child a little while ago” (52-year-old male). “It’s helpful.

13′ “Haikyu!!” (3.3%)

“The element of the growth of characters other than the main character is also strong, and the youthfulness is good .” (29-year-old male), “I like the original work” (32-year-old male)

14.”Golden Kamuy” (2.4%)

“I learned about the history, and the characters are interesting” (39-year-old male)

“Because I got hooked on the original manga and learned about anime later” (50-year-old female)

15.” Tokyo Revengers” (2.4%)

“I like new and Yankee stuff. The time leap is a little unrealistic, but it was interesting .” It was enjoyable and exciting.” (47-year-old male)

  1. “odd taxi” (2.0%)

“The characters dressed as animals and the realism of the story are fun and thrilling to watch” (52-year-old male). “The setting was so interesting that I got hooked” (44-year-old male)is solved.” (51-year-old male)

  1. “Flashing Hathaway” (2.0%)

“The quality of the images is high, and the atmosphere of the movie is a good impression” (56-year-old male)

“Excellent work in the Gundam series” (54-year-old male)

“I love Gundam, so it was fun making it into a movie after a long time (Male, age 53)

  1. “Chikawa” (1.6%)

“My daughter is addicted to this anime, and it’s cute, so I enjoy watching it every time. Each character is small and cute.” (62-year-old male)

  1. “That time I was reincarnated as a slime” (1.2%)

“Reincarnation in another world. The series is long and interesting” (33-year-old male)

“Because it was an anime that I was interested in” (41-year-old male)

  1. “Gintama” (1.2%)

“Because the tempo is good and interesting” (36-year-old female)

“Gintoki Sakata when I’m in trouble” (59-year-old male)

  1. “Made in Abyss Golden Land of Relentless Sun” (0.8%)

“Because the gap between the cute pictures and the hopeless story is interesting. I’m very interested in how the story will end, and I can’t take my eyes off it.” (44-year-old male)” (41-year-old male)

22 “My Hero Academia” (0.8%)

“It’s fun for the whole family. It’s easy to watch. “

  1. “Is it Sakamoto?” (0.8%)

“Voice actors are gorgeous. Because it’s stable and interesting.”

  1. “Magic Round Battle” (0.8%)

“My niece is a fan” (53-year-old male)

“The story itself is interesting” (59-year-old male)

  1. “Lycorice Recoil” (0.4%)

“Because cute girls do cool actions” (44-year-old male)

Check out the recommended anime on Amazon Prime Video!
The recommended anime for Amazon Prime Video selected by Mynavi News members is 1st place “Kimetsu no Yaiba,” 2nd place “Detective Conan,” and 3rd place “Slam Dunk.” On the other hand, “SPY x FAMILY” and “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” ranked 4th, and “Dragon Ball” ranked 6th.

If you missed your favorite anime movie or want to watch the old anime again, please check out Amazon Prime Video.

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