One Piece: 8 Times Luffy Was Disrespected By His Own Crew

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Luffy is something of a modest bunch between his cheerful disposition, his abyss of a stomach, and his dimwittedness.

One Piece’s Straw Hat Pirates are an intently weave band of impossible companions with the consistently idealistic and hyperactive Monkey D. Luffy at the head. Luffy’s an extreme contender and his thoughts have gotten him and his crewmates out of some tight spots, however the regard he gets as the commander involves point of view.

In all decency to the next Straw Hats, Luffy is something of a small bunch between his lighthearted disposition, his abyss of a stomach, and his ineptitude, however, a portion of the disrespect Luffy gets from them makes it difficult to accept that he should be the one in charge.

8. The Crew Is Dumbfounded When Luffy’s Fooled By Foxy Again

Obviously Luffy’s not the brightest bulb in the shed, and for a few, it’s truly simple to trick him. Foxy of the Foxy Pirates, has figured out how to trick him more than once for certain frightfully clear camouflages, and the time he spruced up as Porche permitted the Straw Hats to see this firsthand.

While facing the trickster privateer, everything except Luffy can see directly through his camouflage, leaving the remainder of the team to gaze in disappointed incredulity at how thick their chief is. Luffy even winds up confusing the hidden Foxy with his own sister (a lie from their past experience). The disrespect could be felt noticeable all around here.

7. All The Straw Hats’ Money Goes Into Feeding Luffy

Luffy’s not the type of captain who likes to wave his authority around, for the most part leaving his crew alone free and autonomous from him. However, there are times where he attempts to behave like a leader, with varying levels of success.

Choosing to attempt to fix the crew’s belt, as the captain, Luffy reveals to them that they go through an excessive amount of cash. What Luffy failed to acknowledge however is that all that cash goes into taking care of his monstrous craving. Sanji, Zoro, and Usopp all indignantly reveal to him that and wind up giving Luffy a decent whack on the head for every one of his troubles.

6. Nami Decides The Best Way To Wake Luffy Up Is By Stomping On His Face

Honestly, Luffy has some strange sleeping habits and it tends to be difficult to awaken him now and again, however it appears Nami found a surefire strategy that is something other than somewhat excessively ruthless. With adversary privateers overwhelming the Straw Hats, Nami discovers Luffy asleep and gets him to awaken by stomping his face.

Nami goes to shake Luffy while he’s still half sleeping while ordering him to attack their pursuers. Surprisingly, regardless of getting a nosebleed from getting trampled, Luffy doesn’t appear to mind and does what Nami said. He may be too used to this at this point.

5. Zoro Nearly Chops Off Luffy’s Finger To Pull Him Free

Since Luffy’s body is made of rubber, he can endure a greater number of shots than most, yet that doesn’t mean he’s insusceptible to all types of injury or torment. It doesn’t stop his adversaries or even his own team from going to certain limits, however. A great representation would be when Luffy stalled out in a container.

Zoro attempts to help Luffy get free, by brandishing a hatchet and almost chopping his finger right off. Fortunately, Luffy was able to pull himself out of there simply in the knick of time, yet it was as yet a narrow escape that Zoro himself was pretty casual about, frankly.

4. Usopp Can’t Accept Luffy’s Decision Regarding The Merry

Now and then troublesome choices must be made to benefit everybody, regardless of whether some can’t help contradicting it. Such was the situation for the Straw Hats arriving at the stopping point for the Going Merry. Luffy and the others choose it’s time to settle in the boat, yet Usopp isn’t having any of it and difficulties Luffy for the ship.

Amazingly, Usopp sets up a quite nice fight, however Luffy at last successes and Usopp briefly leaves the group. Usopp’s lack of respect this time originates from his refusal to acknowledge the situation of Merry’s situation, venturing to such an extreme as to blame Luffy for not thinking often about the boat by any stretch of the ship at all.

3. Luffy’s Sanji Impression Gets Him Kicked By Sanji Himself

Luffy’s not always the most serious of people, however he is fit for getting serious where it matters most. All things considered, that joyful demeanor of his makes them goof off at terrible occasions as well, to the rage of his crewmates. This incorporates when he does a few impressions of the other Straw Hats.

During the Skypiea Arc, Luffy starts pulling an impression of Sanji, which Usopp thinks is really clever, however Sanji himself doesn’t. Sanji winds up giving the two a furious beatdown after one joke too much. Appears Sanji doesn’t like for impressions.

2. Zoro Continuously Internalizes The Idea Of Killing Luffy

Roronoa Zoro is the crew resident swordmaster and is considered as Luffy’s vice-captain. In spite of the fact that he’s been important for his group the longest, he’s additionally had the greatest grind towards the straw hat-wearing pirate.

Zoro isn’t afraid to knock Luffy potential gain the head at whatever point he’s being excessively annoying for him, similar to Nami, however, Zoro likewise makes it one stride further as he discloses to himself that he’ll really kill Luffy one day as well. They might be the zinger to a joke, however considering the multiple occasions Zoro’s taken steps to slice Luffy down the middle, it wouldn’t be stunning on the off chance that he really went after for real one day.

  1. Sanji’s Heartbreaking Assault During The Whole Cake Island Arc

A large portion of the disrespect Luffy gets from his crew is played for laughs, rarely does it ever get serious. However on the off chance that there was a victor around there, Sanji’s conflict with Luffy during the Whole Cake Island circular segment would win it. Set to marry Pudding as a political arrangement, Sanji tries to get Luffy to leave to protect the Straw Hats and Baratie, yet things escalate into a fight.

Luffy refuses to fight, yet Sanji goes hard and fast and relentlessly wallops him with incredible kicks. To add salt to the injury, Sanji even put-downs Luffy and the team like questioning he might turn into the Pirate King. Sanji may have done this for a valid justification, however watching it was nothing not exactly heartbreaking.

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