‘ONE PIECE FILM RED’ Trafalgar Law, Bepo, Bartolomeo, Coby, and Helmepo costumes have been unveiled.

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The short video of the 15th feature film series ” ONE PIECE FILM RED ” of the popular anime “ONE PIECE” has just been unveiled. Trafalgar Law and Bepo of “Pirate of the Heart”, Bartolomeo of “Balto Club”, Colonel Coby of the Navy Headquarters, Major of the Navy Headquarters, Helmepo’s costumes are revealed, and Shanks’ daughter Diva Uta’s first live It turned out that I participated in.

” ONE PIECE FILM RED ” is also the fourth “FILM series” following ” ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD “, ” ONE PIECE FILM Z ” and ” ONE PIECE FILM GOLD “, and Eiichiro Oda is the general producer. The teaser video was lifted on April 13, and it was discovered that the true identity of the “mysterious girl” who had been shrouded in mystery was Uta, the daughter of Shanks with red hair. On SNS, there were expectations such as “Shanks’ daughter !? I’m curious!” And “What kind of relationship do you have with Luffy?”

In the short video, five unique costumes are shown. Trafalgar Law, the captain of the Heart Pirates, who is allied with the Straw Hat Pirates, is taken by sailor Bepo and reluctantly participates in Uta’s live performance. Rho is in a wild outfit with a yellow and orange cow-patterned shirt and tattoos on his chest and hands.

Bepo and Bartolomeo are enthusiastic and participate in the concert. They are big fans of Uta. Bepo wears a cute T-shirt with a large heart and carries the word “UTA” on her back in a lively style. Bartolomeo wears funky, unique clothing with “Aira Takeshi” on her back and “UTA” on her pants and sleeves.

Coby and Helmepo, who also belong to the secret special forces “SWORD”, will also appear at the live venue. Coby wears a blue short-sleeved shirt, bandana, and a white cardigan on her shoulder for a refreshing look. Helmepo is confused by the festival spectators in a bold style with 12 red pompoms hanging from the neck in a tank top with a large star while suppressing the colour.

” ONE PIECE FILM RED ” will be released nationwide on August 6.

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