Hisashi Eguchi, who returned to anime for the first time in 18 years with Sonny Boy

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The original work “Sonny Boy” is one of the hottest TV animations that started broadcasting in July. Hisashi Eguchi, a manga artist, and illustrator are in charge of the character draft.

This work became a hot topic even before the broadcast, as Mr. Eguchi acted as the original character designer for the anime for the first time in 18 years. Mr. Eguchi is a super big name for generations like manga and subculture in the ’80s and ’90s.

I think many fans are pleased to see the ability to be said to be the best in Japan if they draw a beautiful girl in anime. Let’s look back on Mr. Eguchi’s greatness and career, the manga/animation industry, and the significant influence he has had on the general public. Hisashi Eguchi, attracting attention as a gag manga artist, made his debut as a manga artist in 1977. With the serialized manga “Recommendation !! Pirates” that started in the same year, he has already gained tremendous support as a gag manga artist. “Recommendation !! Pirates” was a work depicting the members of a fictitious professional baseball team. Still, while traditional baseball manga had many severe and spoken styles, it opened up the genre of baseball gag manga.

It was an epoch-making work. With a style that incorporates a wide range of topics, from short parody stories to current affairs reports, this work has dramatically impacted society, such as coining the word “Burikko,” which was once a buzzword. After that, in 1981, he started serializing his most giant masterpiece as a manga artist, “Stop !! Hibari-kun!”. Hibari-kun, who looks like a beautiful girl but is a man, is the pioneer character of a man’s daughter today and demonstrates his exquisite girl modeling sense. Mr. Eguchi’s most significant achievement as a manga artist is probably the update of manga’s beautiful girl character design.

It is natural for beautiful girls to appear in the current manga as if they were competing, but it is no exaggeration to say that the person created the standard. Also, while famous for beautiful girl design, it is lovely to draw an excellent male character, and the manga ” Age “], Etc., that sense is demonstrated. “Age” is also famous for creating a design that looks cute while drawing a woman’s nostrils.

All the characters in “Sonny Boy” have their nostrils appropriately marked, and Mr. Eguchi’s sense is fully demonstrated. Mr. Eguchi’s manga was well received for its exciting content and its highly complete illustrations, such as frontispieces.

This tendency became noticeable from the latter half of the serialization of “Recommendation !! Pirates” and “Stop !! Hibari-kun!” Draws very sophisticated pictures every week. Mr. Eguchi will become active as an illustrator to make use of the sophisticated pop patterns that he used to show in the frontispieces of the Issei style as an illustrator. Demonstrate his sense in various fields such as magazine covers, illustrations, corporate illustrations, and CG jackets. Its sense and pop style, which is said to be the best in Japan if you draw a beautiful woman, will blossom significantly in the world of illustration. Famous works of this time include designing Denny’s menus that lasted from 1992 to 1997 and binding the works of Sara Paretsky, a writer who specializes in female detective novels, which she has been working on since the 1980s. It can be done.
In addition, many advertising posters and magazine covers will be displayed, and Mr. Eguchi’s paintings will become familiar to many people. Many people who knew about the ’90s often saw Mr. Eguchi’s illustrations in magazines and posters in the city. As an illustrator from a cartoonist, he boasts a track record of Pikaichi. His sense is Yusuke Nakamura in the manga industry and the world of illustration.

It has had a significant influence on many younger generations, such as Mr. Sato, and its style can be said to be one of the staples of modern “Bijin-ga.” Demonstrating that design sense in anime, Mr. Eguchi is also active in the world of anime, making use of the beauty’s design sense. His manga works, such as “Stop !! Hibari-kun!” And “Age” has also been animated, but he is in charge of the original character draft for the first time in the masterpiece OVA “Roujin Z” by Katsuhiro Otomo.

The main character is a beautiful woman who is good at Mr. Eguchi, but this work is also a work in which many older people appear. It seems that it was a new frontier for Mr. Eguchi to draw the older people separately. In addition, he is also the character draft for the feature film debut film “Perfect Blue,” directed by Satoshi Kon. In addition, I am in charge of the character draft for NHK’s original animation series “Uninhabited Planet Survive,” broadcast from 2003 to 2004.

This time, “Sonny Boy” will be broadcast for the first time in 18 years as an anime work. What kind of activity will the characters who make full use of Mr. Eguchi’s fantastic and straightforward design sense show? Attention will be focused on the development of anime.

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