‘ONE PIECE’ Luffy is the main character of ‘becoming’? This week’s manga/anime news ranking

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The manga/anime community has also been buzzing with various topics this week. “Maijitsu Enta,” which delivers seasonal issues, introduces the most talked about manga and anime news this week (until 9/15).

  1. “ONE PIECE” Luffy becomes the main character … “fate” supremacy that Jump has penetrated
  2. “Ayakashi Triangle” Is the anime art too cruel? For some reason, Yabuki’s work is “old-fashioned.”
  3. Possibility of “mass production of Kaido”!?
  4. Baan’s “miniaturization” accelerated in the anime “Dai no Daibouken”!? The decisive factor different from the original is.
  5. Anime “Chainsaw Man” supremacy is confirmed! The Internet delivery school is also delighted with God’s response, “Amapura is the best!”

Luffy of “ONE PIECE” goes to “God’s realm “.
The most talked about topic this week was an article about the manga “ONE PIECE,” which is now loved in Japan and worldwide.

The story of “ONE PIECE” depicts the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a young man aiming to become the Pirate King. When the serialization started, it was a story to watch over his upstart, but recently there seems to be a view that it has become “deaf” due to the addition of an afterthought setting.

Looking back on the development, it can be said that the aspect of Luffy’s success story is vital. A boy from the countryside called “Fusha Village” in East Blue acquired the ability of “Gum-Gum Fruit” one day. As he fights against powerful enemies, he gradually gains power and fame as a pirate…

Many parts apply to the so-called “friendship, effort, and victory” rules, and it has gained wide popularity as a manga that follows the royal road of “Weekly Shonen Jump.” However, as the series gets longer, adding settings related to Luffy becomes noticeable. First, the big topic was the setting where he was “God’s natural enemy” or “D’s family.”

Furthermore, it turns out that he was not just a rural child of his origin. Her father is the boss of the revolutionary army, and her grandfather is a naval hero.

A blessed environment that was destined to become stronger. By the way, the main characters that appear in Jump manga are generally blessed with the “strongest” lineage. Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach, Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto, and the list continues. So it may be natural that Luffy, the king of “jump,” is dyed in bloodlines. Nonetheless, it’s not uncommon in the world of manga if it’s about the back setting of the person himself or his relatives. Rather, the problem lies ahead.

Specifically, there is a significant change in the recently completed “Wano Country.” In episode 1044 of the original, the “true identity” of the “Gum-Gum Fruit” that Luffy ate was revealed.

You might think it’s the ability to expand and contract its body like rubber, but its actual ability is the “Human-Human Fruit” mythical beast model “Nika.” This fruit is a legendary item that the world government has kept hidden, and by awakening its ability, Luffy has come to be regarded as a dangerous figure in history. So although the readers are very excited, the development that the ability obtained by chance was a legendary power feared by the world… just looking at that part gives me the impression that it is somewhat convenient.

In addition, the world’s songstress, Uta, who appears in the latest theatrical version, “ONE PIECE FILM RED” currently being released, is set to be Luffy’s childhood friend. Against the “future pirate king” on the side of every environment, on the Internet, “You’re the main character of the perfection type…” “It’s not that he was the strongest from the first episode, but he’s no different from the type that will come this far. Has been pointed out.

Among them, there are also voices dissatisfied with the depiction of “Nika,” saying, “I still think I didn’t need Nika.” Certainly, for readers who seek a hero image that becomes stronger through repeated efforts, it would not be easy to accept the disclosure of a setting that supports strength. So, did Luffy become stronger through hard work, or was it destined to become stronger? I hope that the reader will be satisfied with the landing.

Next, we talked about the anime “Ayakashi Triangle,” scheduled to be broadcast in 2023. Unfortunately, there seems to be a series of fans expressing unease about this anime.

“Ayakashi Triangle” Fans are upset by a dramatic change in design
This was because the teaser visual of “Ayakashi Triangle,” which was first unveiled on September 2nd, did not resemble the creation of the original author, Kentaro Yabuki.

“Ayakashi Triangle” is a romantic comedy about a monster extermination battle between Kazamaki Matsuri, a young boy who has been turned into a woman by witchcraft, and his childhood friend Hananazo Suzu. Originally serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump,” it was transferred to “Shonen Jump+” in April of this year, and the extreme depiction of sexiness has increased.

The anime version of the same work is scheduled to be broadcast in January 2023. CONNECT, which worked on “Is it only you who likes me?”

In addition, teaser visuals depicting the main characters Kazamaki Matsuri, Hananazo Suzu, and Shirogane have also been unveiled on the official SNS. However, there have been a series of unpopular voices about the design, such as “I’m happy to have it animated, but the design doesn’t look like a tiger” or “It’s grass with zero Yabuki feeling.”

Furthermore, veteran Yabuki fans commented, “The anime design smells old-fashioned!” It hasn’t changed from the ToLOVE-ru anime. The animations of Yabuki’s works tend to shift in style. Is it difficult to animate that picture? Also pointed out. This is not the first time Yabuki’s position has been “changed” in animation.

That work is the “To Love-Ru” series that was serialized in “Jump.” It was animated many times from 2008 to 2015, but fans of the original were disappointed because the design changed from the original and became somewhat “old-fashioned.”

It should be noted that the animation “To LOVE Ru” was not CONNECT but by a studio called Xebec. Since the production studio has changed, there was a possibility of improvement, but for some reason, there are similar dissatisfaction opinions.

I am speaking of Yabuki, the owner of a transcendent technique that attacks the limits of boys’ magazines. Unfortunately, reproducing the moe-e that evolves with the times seems to be difficult with the current technology of the animation industry.

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