Original TV anime ‘Ricoris Recoil’ will be broadcast in 2022!

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The production of the original TV animation “Ricoris Recoil” has been decided, and it has been announced that it will start broadcasting in 2022. At the same time, the teaser visual has been released.

This work is an entirely new original TV animation directed by Shingo Adachi, who has been involved as a character design and animation director in many topical works such as “Sword Art Online” and “WORKING !!” series.

It is produced by A-1 Pictures, which has teamed up with Shingo Adachi for numerous works. The original story is Asaura from “Ben-To,” The character design is “There is a problem with this art club! Imigimuru will serve and deliver the story of the girls with a strong staff.

Chika Anzai will play the role of Chicago Nishikigi, a girl with short blonde hair, and Shion Wakayama will play the role of Taking Inoue, a girl with long black hair.

The teaser visual released this time depicts a scene of Senzoku and Takina’s daily life wearing different uniforms, and it is a visual that raises expectations for the story of the two girls that will start from now on.

The uniforms worn by Senzoku and Taking are handled by Kimika Ouchi (ALCATOROCK), who is in charge of costume design for Nogizaka46 and Sakurazaka46.

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