The anime ‘The Angel Next Door Spoiler’ will be broadcast in 2011. The new visual is the appearance of midday preparing rice.

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It was decided that “The Angel Next Door Spoiler,” which animates a light novel from the novel posting site “Let’s become a novelist,” will be broadcast in 2023, and a new teaser visual will be released. Rice field.

In this work, Shu Fujimiya (CV: Taito Ban), a first-year high school student who started living alone, lent an umbrella to Midday Shiina (Manaka Iwami), the most beautiful girl in the school who lives next to the condominium. From that, a mysterious exchange begins. When she couldn’t see her self-deprecating life at noon, she cooked meals and took care of herself.

The two who live next to each other slowly and gradually communicate.

The teaser visual drawn by character designer Takayuki Noguchi is designed with the image of midday preparing rice at Zhou’s house.

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