‘Bokura no Yoake’ second video! Supporting comments from Mamoru Mohri et al.

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The theatrical animation “Bokura no Yoake” will finally be released nationwide on Friday, October 21, 2022. As a result, the second part of the top video, which focuses on the scenery of 12,000 years ago that no one has ever seen, has been lifted. In addition, supportive comments from astronauts Mamoru Mohri and Naoko Yamazaki have arrived one after another!

Serialized in “Monthly Afternoon” (published by Kodansha), Tetsuya Imai’s masterpiece SF “Bokura no Yoake” was nominated for the Seiun Award, the science fiction manga award with the most extended history in Japan. Two volumes of the book are on sale.

Yuma Sawatari (CV: Hana Sugisaki), a 4th-grade elementary school student living in the Asagaya housing complex, and his friends hacked the Sawatari family’s artificial intelligence-equipped home one day Autobot Nanako (CV: Aoi Yuki). A summer sci-fi adventure story of struggling to return to space.

The main video released is a scene where “February Dawn” shows various places of the star “Rainbow Root” that departed 12,000 years ago as proof of friendship with Yuma and others. As you go through a mysterious tunnel that looks like it’s in the water, your vision suddenly opens up. The roots of the rainbow shine brightly, and mysterious scenery appears one after another.

Yuma’s eyes sparkle when he sees a planet other than Earth for the first time. Yuma and his friends are overwhelmed by the magnificent scenery, but they can’t return to the root of the rainbow, and they promise to help the troubled spaceship with their own hands!

The place where the February Dawn Go home, the mysterious world far from reality, was designed by Niji no Root. In addition to producing, Micche also performs artist activities such as solo exhibitions.

Producer Arai (GAGA) said, “Mitche-san’s illustrations with the theme of ‘loneliness’ are profound and abstract, yet somehow organic and loneliness-bearing scenes, the endlessness of the February Dawn issue. On the journey, [Rainbow Root] has a desire to “want to know” and “want to connect”.I felt a high affinity with the “loneliness” that each of them has, so I asked if I could participate in the production.” Comment on the process of requesting production. He said, “[Rainbow Root] is beautifully composed with each motif born from a unique idea, creating a landscape 12,000 years ago that no one has ever seen.” I gave it my stamp of approval.

Mitchie himself said, “Until I learned more about it, I thought it might be an advertisement illustration, but when I found out that it was artwork for the planets that appear in the main story, I was very excited.” I imagined the circulation of the whole and expressed it with an awareness of the connection from the bottom of the sea to the sea.”

In addition, astronauts Mamoru Mohri and Naoko Yamazaki, who watched this work, and Takashi Yamazaki, a film director who has a deep knowledge of science fiction works such as “ALWAYS Sunset on Third Street” and “STAND BY ME Doraemon”, Supported comments from celebrities in various fields, including translator Nozomu Omori and anime critic Ryota Fujitsu, who is a programming advisor for the Tokyo International Film Festival’s Japanese Animation Division, have arrived!

“Somewhere in the universe, there is the life that wants to connect with us.” “ET in 2022.” “Can we be friends with AI?”

Supporting comments

Mamoru Mohri (Astronaut)

I saw the round Earth floating in dark space from the spaceship’s window.

At that time, I had a hunch that there must be many such planets in the vast universe.

To prove this, amino acids and water were found in samples brought back from the asteroid Ryugu by the space probe Hayabusa, confirming that life on Earth originated in space.

Somewhere in the universe, there is the life that wants to connect with us. So the dream spreads to the endless universe that connects beyond generations.

Naoko Yamazaki (Chairman of the Japan Astronaut Club/Astronaut)

I want to be friends, and I want to help friends.

It was like being enveloped in the light of dawn when such thoughts were passed from parent to child, transcending time and space.

The universe’s overwhelming scale and the housing complex’s familiar scenery are beautiful!

Takashi Yamazaki (Film Director)

“Maybe the closet is connected to the universe?” I felt like I was reunited with the feeling I had when I was a child, imagining such things. And can we be friends with AI? I feel like I’ve kindly answered humanity’s big questions now.

“The future is wonderful!” It is a work that I would like all children living in the present to see have such thoughts.

Nozomu Omori (SF translator)

It brings back the time when I was in elementary school when I first touched science fiction.

Summer of Sense of Wonder.

2022’s “ET” depicts first contact fresh and vivid.

To everyone who wanted to be an Elliott boy.

Ryota Fujitsu (anime critic)

The universe is much closer than you think.

Maybe when I was a kid, I knew it all along.

I wanted to show this movie to my childhood self, who enjoyed reading “Children’s Science” magazine every month.

Ryusuke Hikawa (anime/special effects researcher)

How will the intellect of a child, who is in the period of growth, contact the unknown mind from outer space and open up the future? And how will the artificial intelligence raised on the Earth get involved?

Set in a housing complex relic of the Showa era, keep an eye on the hope that parents, children, people, and machines will connect!

Hinataka (movie writer)

Housing complexes, aliens, AI robots, and girls who think a little differently than boys.

A story about children acting according to their feelings, sometimes failing and reflecting and growing up.

Back then, but now that I’m an adult, “I wanted to see this kind of juvenile sci-fi.”

And then, Aoi Yuki, the cutest in the universe, and Romi Park, who is also fantastic and lovely, and their “mechanical yet human” double voices make your ears happy!

Romi Pak’s “Ro” is actually “road” instead of “king”.

Yoji Kanzaki (Responsible and Journalist for “Robocar”, a News Site on Robots, AI, and Advanced Technologies)

Space, unknown life forms, rockets, partner robots, AI, drones, smart devices, and the “future” irresistible to science fiction fans are presented in a fresh contrast in the Showa landscape of “housing complexes.”

The universal friendship and bonds of teenagers and their honest feelings kept me excited until the end.

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