‘Pokémon’ The appearance of a mysterious girl is a stylish production topic ‘The protector of the city of water’ BGM flow Canon? Appearance ‘best’ ‘surprise!’

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The 10th episode of the anime “Pokémon Aim Pokemon Master” (TV Tokyo series every Friday from 6:55 pm), which depicts the final chapter of the story of Satoshi and Pikachu, was broadcast on the 17th. A mysterious girl appears at the end, and the modern production has become a hot topic.

Episode 10, “Satoshi and Latios!” Latias appears again in front of Satoshi and Pikachu. What Satoshi and the others saw in Latias’s “Yumetsushi” was a Pokémon hunter attacking Latios. Satoshi and Pikachu head out with Latias to save Latios. The story of rescuing Latios was developed.

Speaking of Latios and Latias, they are the central Pokémon in the fifth movie released in 2002, “Pocket Monsters the Movie: Latias and Latios, guardian deities of the city of water.” A character that looks just like Kanon, the guest heroine of the movie, appears in the streets of “Altomare,” which is the stage of the film.

The anime’s official Twitter account also said, “The story of #Latias and Latios, who won the battle with the Pokemon Hunters and parted with Satoshi and his friends, was deeply engraved in Satoshi’s heart. And where Latias and Latios headed…” He tweeted that he went to the place where the movie version was set.

Thank you for the beautiful production!”, “It was the best surprise for Altomare. Thank you for Kanon-chan.” On Twitter, “Goddess of the City of Water” and “Mysterious Girl” was trending.

The new series will start airing on April 14th, with Satoshi and Pikachu as the main characters taking over, and the story of the new dreams and adventures of the double main characters Rico and Roy set in the entire Pokémon world. Rico and Roy go on adventures with many Pokemon, including Nyaoha, Hogeta, and Kwassu.

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