‘Police in a Pod’ episode 5, broadcast on August 18, Erika Toda x Mei Nagano challenges the joint party, but is it happening?

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Erika Toda and Mei Nagano’s W-starring drama ” Police in a Pod! It has been decided that the fifth episode of “Police in a Pod” (NTV) will be broadcast on August 18.

This work is a drama of the manga “Police in a Pod-Police in a Pod” by former police officer author Miko Yasu, serialized in Kodansha ” Morning. ” Nemoto Nonji of “Inspector Asagao” (Fuji TV)Is in charge of the script, Toda plays Seiko Fuji, a former ace detective, and Nagano plays Mayi Kawai, a new female police officer. After the 4th episode broadcast on July 28, this work is broadcasting a “special edition” that mixes the famous scenes and newly recorded episodes from August 4 for two weeks.

The fifth episode starts when Kawai (Mei Nagano), who is still busy with public affairs, envies the same generation who enjoys romance in a different world from himself. Meanwhile, surprisingly, the chance of the first joint party in my life comes around with Fuji (Erika Toda).

The two of them hide as police officers and face with enthusiasm. Still, at the same store, they meet with Gen (Shohei Miura) and Takeshi (Yuki Yamada) in another joint party, and the most awkward joint party in history begins.

In addition, an accident unique to police officers attacks the two. The next day, an older adult (Takehiko Ono) rushes to the Machiyama police box. Miyake complains that he has run away because his wife is about to attack him. Feeling something unusual, Fuji offers to attend the hearing that Kawai was in charge of.

The police box is busy on this day as well. In addition, Fuji and Kawai, who received a fire report shortly after a break, rushed to the scene. However, Kawai, who lacks sleep, suddenly suffers from dizziness and crouches down on the spot. At that time, Takeda (Yuta Koseki), a handsome firefighter who finished extinguishing the fire, appears in front of Kawai, holding Kawai like a scene from a longing girl’s manga and carrying it to an ambulance.

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