‘Dance God Dance King’ BTS Jimin, ‘The most dancing idol in K-pop’ 1st place Unmatched 6 crowns ‘DANCE GOD.’

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Jimin of BTS was selected as the main dancer shaking the K-pop industry and ranked No.

From August 3rd to August 10th, Jimin held the ‘Who is the best male idol in K-pop?’ on the Japanese website NETLABEL. In the survey, a total of 7805 votes were obtained, ranking first.

As a result, Jimin ranked first in the global voting ‘Dabeme Pop’ for three consecutive years, 1st in King Choice for two successive years, 1st in ‘KPOP VOTE,’ 1st in the domestic ‘Idol Chart’ and idol popularity ranking app ‘My Favorite Idol’ It swept all five websites that conduct dance-related voting, such as, and took first place in Japan, showing the power of the incomparable ‘Dance King of Dance’ by winning a total of 6 gold medals.

Last month, Jimin became a hot topic when he was named for the first time in ‘Male Idol Dancer Shaking the K-Pop Industry’ by foreign media specializing in K-pop, such as Koreaboo and Kpopstarz.

The media said, “K-pop dance not only tells a story but also captures the hearts of fans with its complex and precise movements.” said.

He continued, “Jimin has learned to dance in various genres and styles from a young age. All this knowledge and experience creates a flexible and elegant performance in every performance and gives strength to hip-hop choreography, so Jimin can dance to whatever he wants. He will remain in the public’s memory with his ability to catch the eye.”

Recently, the finalist of Japan’s Idol Survival No. 1 selected Jimin as a role model, and as a global ‘Idol’s Bible’ enough to be selected as a ‘Role Model for Generation Z,’ Japanese teenagers are envied by many younger idols and singers at home and abroad. is being the subject of

Jimin has hit the world with his phenomenal dance skills, garnered praise from fans, media, and experts. He has created a luxury stage for many years, establishing himself as the best dancer representing K-Pop.

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