Masterpieces that are ‘re-animated’ one after another What can you expect next? ‘GS Mikami’ There are also voices hoping for Yokoshima’s success

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Isn’t it useless to raise the voice of reanimation?

Many works such as “DRAGON QUEST -Dai no Daibouken-” and “Shaman King” have been animated but not broadcast on TV until the end. Recently, many reanimations of such unfortunate masterpieces have been seen. Therefore, this time, I will introduce works that are likely to be re-animated in the future.

In 2022, reanimations such as “Urusei Yatsura” and “Rurouni Kenshin -Meiji Kenkaku Romantan-” are planned. Most of them were popular at the time, but they caught up with the original and were unpopular with the sponsors. The unfortunate situation was that the TV broadcast ended without digesting the original.

Not all of them are so, but it seems that there is a strong fan spirit that wants to watch until the end because such animation was unfavorable. Looking at the comments in recent online articles, some of the opinions about the work that was decided to be re-animated said, “I want that work to be animated as well.”

Maybe the voice of wanting to re-animate may move the production company etc., someday. It doesn’t seem wasteful to talk about these reanimation expectations with that in mind. That’s why, from the comments I’ve seen, I would like to introduce the works that were re-animated in each age group.

I want to see “Wingman” that is faithful to the original.

First of all, it is “Wingman” from the 1980s. It was broadcast from February 7, 1984, to February 26, 1985, under “Dream Warrior Wingman”.

In this age, many other works such as “Cat’s Eye” and “Kai !! Otokojuku” have been animated only halfway through the original manga. It has been animated until the end, but famous works such as “Kinnikuman” and “Captain Tsubasa”, which started a new series after that, are also expected to be re-animated.

Among them, many voices wanting to re-animate “Wingman” seem to relate to the development of animation that is quite different from the original manga. Originally, the sponsor’s influence was strong at the time of animation, and the Winona of the motorcycle on which the main characters board was also changed to Winona II designed for toys.

The story has also changed significantly, and the romantic comedy part has been changed to the main style for the family. As for the story, after ending the first half of the original “Rimmel Edition” with its development, the final episode was reached in the battle with the anime actual Ghost Rimmel. The latter half of the original “Riel” is not mentioned as a story, and only some designs are used.

The subsequent activity of the original author, Masakazu Katsura, has expanded the fan base, which may have led to the desire to re-animate this work.

I want to see the completion of the story and the character’s growth!

I want to see the development of Yokoshima by re-animating “GS Mikami.”

From the 90’s work, I felt that there was a lot of voice wanting to re-animate “GS Mikami (Ghost Sweeper Mikami) Gokuraku Daisakusen !!”. The anime was broadcast as “GS Mikami” from April 11, 1993, to March 6, 1994.

This work can be said to be a successful work by Professor Takashi Shiina and is a masterpiece along with “Zettai Karen Children”, which was also animated later. In both cases, the animation is incomplete, but I think the reanimation voice is higher in “GS Mikami”.

Many of the opinions received during the reanimation were, “I want to see Tadao Yokoshima grow up, which was not seen in the anime.” It is not yet in the middle of the story in anime (out of all 39 volumes of comics, up to 9 books have become anime), and I want to see Yokoshima’s success as the main character from the second half. The story overlaps with the growth of pop in “Dai no Daibouken” mentioned above, and it may be because there is a significant element to heat up.

It was trendy at the time of TV broadcasting, and many fans expected it to be broadcast after the second year. However, the fact that it did not match the sponsor’s product development very well was why the broadcast ended in 11 months, a little earlier than planned.

After that, “Marmalade Boy”, which took over this broadcast frame, takes measures as a sponsor by introducing goods, not in the original manga and selling toys. Since this broadcast frame is connected to the current “Pretty Cure” series, the history of TV animation may have changed if “GS Mikami” had been extended.

I want you to draw until the completion of “Katekyo Hitman REBORN!”

In the 2000s, there was a season system, so the number of works that ended TV broadcasting without digesting the original has decreased. It hasn’t been so long since it was over, so there are many reanimations such as “Shaman King” and “BLEACH” mentioned above.

Among them, I think the work that can be expected to be re-animated is “Katekyo Hitman REBORN!”. The broadcast period was from October 7, 2006, to September 25, 2010.

You can see the popularity from the broadcast period of 4 years. Still, on the way, we caught up with the original many times and extended the broadcast with several original episodes of animation. And, in the “Future Edition”, which had the most extended serialization period, the TV animation ended. Due to its popularity, the continuation “Succession Ceremony” is partly made into a video comic as a corner of the information program “Sakiyomi Hisan Jean BANG!”.

Sales of related products were also strong, so if it was produced in the current split-season system, it might have become a TV animation until the end. In that sense, it can be said that it was a work that could not ride the wave of the times.

However, its popularity has not declined, as it has been staged since 2018. It’s just my expectation, but I think it’s the best candidate for the next reanimation. Now it may be possible to avoid changing voice actors.

Above, I have introduced works that I can personally expect to be re-animated. Of course, works not listed here could secretly progress and be suddenly announced. I’m looking forward to the utterly new animation, but I’m excited to announce the reanimation of the famous work, so I have to pay attention to it.

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