Rika Matsumoto, 26 years as voice actor Satoshi ‘I can’t afford it Koichi Yamadera is surprised at making a role without small tricks

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The animation “Pocket Monsters Aim to Be Pokemon Master” (TV Tokyo series, every Friday from 6:55 pm), which depicts the final chapter of the story of Satoshi and Pikachu, started broadcasting on the 13th of yesterday.

A new series in which the main character will be replaced is scheduled to be broadcast in April, and the story of Satoshi and Pikachu will end in March. Rika Matsumoto, who has played the role of Satoshi for 26 years since the start of broadcasting in 1997, has been talking about the “voice actor blessing” that Satoshi has gained from ORICON NEWS.

Seven episodes of the animation series “Pocket Monsters” have cut scenes from the final chapter of “Pokémon.” While meeting and battling with many friends, Satoshi’s goal has always been to become a “Pokémon Master.”

“Pokémon Aim to Be a Pokémon Master,” which has just started broadcasting, depicts the adventures of Satoshi and Pikachu as they pursue their unrealistic dreams over a total of 11 episodes (planned). It will be the story of two new protagonists, a girl, Rico, and a boy, Roy. There are no tricks in making Satoshi’s role! What Masako Nozawa has in common

The voice actress Rika Matsumoto has been playing the role of Satoshi, who “doesn’t try to do well” for 25 years. In an interview with “Theatrical version of Pokemon: Her Story,” released in 2018, Satoshi explained how to create a role. I asked him if he had ever had a hard time playing the energetic and courageous Satoshi character “The Boy” for over 20 years.

“Satoshi and I weren’t that far apart. It’s not that I’m acting, but when I play Satoshi, I don’t have to say, ‘I have to make a play and do it!’ I would like to know if that’s why I could keep doing it for a long time. If I had stretched out, I might have pushed myself too hard. Because I was allowed to do it my way, I said puns from the beginning. I was close to Satoshi.” “When I co-star with a rookie girl in the Pokémon series, people say, ‘I know you’re Satoshi,’ and ‘I’m glad Rika is Satoshi.’

Yamadera Koichi, who has been with him for over 30 years since his training school days and has co-starred in Pokémon movies for over 20 years, will also appear in the film. He talks about the part of Matsumoto that he respects as an actor.

“Since I rarely appear in the Pokémon TV anime series, I only have the opportunity to see Satoshi, played by Rika, up close once a year in the movie. I’m Rika, so I should have some technique, but when I play Satoshi, I’m doing it like a newcomer! I’m working on it.”

“The anime series has continued for more than 1,000 episodes, and I should be able to handle it well with what I have built up over my career. I am surprised every time, ‘Are you going to do it to the end with this?'”

“That’s why, when I see someone doing superficially, I want to say, ‘Look at Rika Matsumoto!’ Rika is skillful as a fellow voice actor, but Satoshi is different. The other people who have been doing the same character for many years also say, “If you do it this way, it will sound like this.” I don’t think so, and Masako Nozawa, who appears as a guest voice actor in this work, is the same.

No difficulty creating the role of Satoshi, a lucky voice actor. Satoshi decorated with In an interview with ORICON NEWS, Matsumoto said, “I have never created a role for Satoshi.” He talked about his thoughts on the “alter ego” Satoshi, who has been acting for more than 20 years, such as “a character with a standing position.”

[Matsumoto] “A child in elementary school when the series started is an adult and has a family. Watching “Pokémon,” “Oh, you’re still broadcasting Pokémon,” “Huh? Satoshi, you’re still aiming to become a Pokémon Master!” I am happy to move forward.” “Of course, it’s not a rebroadcast, so unlike the series I was watching at the time, the content has changed as a new series, but the fundamentals of Satoshi’s humanity haven’t changed. As an ‘eternal 10-year-old’, I We will continue to make it a place where you can always come back with peace of mind so that it will not change.”

“I have never felt difficult playing Satoshi. I have been able to continue acting naturally for such a long time. That is the proof of 20 years.”

When he appeared at the “Anime JAM 2018” event, he said, “I’m ten years old, just like Satoshi. I’m going to be a Pokemon Master! It’s been 21 years! Life isn’t that sweet!” While making people laugh, he performed “Mezase Pokemon Master,” which became a famous Pokemon song in the first opening of the series. He plays the role of Satoshi as he is but talks about what he has gained.

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