Snow Man Daisuke Sakuma ‘Holo Live’ was a good show, and he wore a live T-shirt.

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Johnny’s like one of the most animated games among the idle, Snow Man of Daisuke Sakuma it’s (29).

In the anime movie “White Snake: Engi,” released this summer, he plays dubbing the main character, Nobu, but apparently, he is also a fan of the VTuber group’s “Holo Live.”

Appeared wearing a live goods T-shirt Sakuma in the program “Snow Man” Find values ​​with numbers !? “How many minutes can you wait?” Released on Snow Man’s YouTube channel on August 18, 2021. Appeared wearing a T-shirt with a Hololive character on it. The design and logo seem to be alive goods T-shirt of Hololive’s 2nd live “hololive 2nd fes. Beyond the Stage”.

It was a performance that was delivered in a distribution format on December 21st and 22nd, 2008. On the same day as the video was released, HiHi Jets, who belongs to Johnny’s Jr., was broadcasting live on YouTube from 21:00 to commemorate the completion of the MV for the song “Eyes of the future.”

On the way, when HiHi Jets called Mr. Sakuma with a surprise, he said, ” I’ve been playing Uma Musume’s gacha all the time while watching (live streaming),” and says that he likes watching live streaming. So Hi, Hi Jets Soya Igari” Sakuma-kun, you have the same hobby as me,” Sakuma-san replies, “I’m watching VTuber! I like holo live.” Inokari replied, “I like Nijisanji.” Since he has a live goods T-shirt, he seems to have a high level of enthusiasm for Holo Live.

Love live! Uma Musume A splendid nerd itinerary

This is not the only time Sakuma has appeared wearing “otaku goods.” In the past, ” Love Live! Yazawa Nico”, Kurosawa Rubyi of “Love Live! Sunshine !!”, often wearing a T-shirt pushing character is drawn, such as four of your pleasure of the “YuruYuri” Has appeared in the media. Also, on the group’s YouTube channel, in the program “Uncover the Incorrect Answerer of” Quiz Werewolf “!” Delivered on May 12, 2009, he appeared wearing a full graphic T-shirt with the mejiro McQueen of “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” drawn. , Although the T-shirt had nothing to do with the program content, it had a strong presence, and on July 17, “Shibuyanooto” (NHK) co-starred with the voice actors of “Uma Musume” to show off “Umapyoi Densetsu.”

The show was lively with calls and dances from the studio seats, and it was so memorable for werewolf fans. It seems that Holo Live has been added to Mr. Sakuma’s splendid otaku history, so if there is a point of contact between Snow Man and VTuber, such as co-starring, it may be time for VTuber fans to recognize Mr. Sakuma’s “Holo Live Love.” unknown. (Takashi Omiya, J-CAST News Editorial Department)

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