‘SPY x FAMILY’ Voice Actor, Feeling Popularity of Anya on the Street A Walking Child Calls Her Father ‘Chichi.’

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The event “TOHO animation 10th Anniversary Great Thanksgiving Finale Stage” of the animation label [TOHO animation] established by Toho in 2012 was held in Tokyo on the 25th.

“(Spy Family), which will be broadcast on TV Tokyo from 11:00 pm on October 1st, Lloyd A VTR video featuring Takuya Eguchi as Forger, Atsumi Tanezaki as Anya Forger, and Saori Hayami as Yoru Forger has been released.

When asked about the reaction after the anime aired, Eguchi said, “No matter where I go, people say, ‘I’m watching ‘SPY x FAMILY’!'”, and the reaction was amazing! And confessed.

On the other hand, Tanezaki said, “I often hear people saying, ‘I’m watching this with my family!’, which makes me the happiest!” So I was relieved when I was told there was,” he said, thanking the response.

Also, Eguchi said, “A client once told me, ‘A little girl likes Anya…’. So it seems that Anya wants to imitate Anya.”

Tanezaki said, “When I saw a child calling his father ‘Chichi’ on the street, I thought, ‘Wow! So cute, and ‘I want him to be ‘Chichi’ even when he grows up!'”

The main character of this work is Lloyd, a brilliant spy who works on intelligence missions every day for a better world. A special mission (mission) arrives such him. It is to “create a family and infiltrate a certain prestigious elementary school.” A spy action comedy that creates a “family” and challenges missions.

The original manga is serialized in Shonen Jump +, a famous work with a cumulative circulation of over 25 million copies. In addition, the first season of TV animation was broadcast from April to June 2022.

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