Tao Tsuchiya, who plays the role of AI in theatrical animation, researches with voice “The bath has boiled ♪”?!

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A sci-fi youth story about a girl-type android in trial operation equipped with AI: theatrical animation “Listen to Ai’s Singing Voice” will be a national roadshow on October 29th (Friday).

A story of the near future. A company town of an AI technology company in a local city. Zion comes to the high school student Satomi’s class as a transfer student. Satomi’s mother is a researcher, and Zion is a humanoid AI created by her mother.

Although she has an outstanding motor nerve and an innocent personality, Zion was a little sloppy AI. Zion suddenly begins to sing in front of Satomi, who is isolated in her class.

“Satomi, I’ll make you happy!”
“Extra care, I’m okay alone!”

Zion becomes a school favorite, engulfing the class in turmoil with her unexpected behavior.

Satomi, her childhood friend Touma, a machine enthusiast, and her classmates learn Zion is AI and swayed. Still, she gradually moves with Zion’s singing voice and a single-minded appearance wishing for happiness. It will be done.

Under these circumstances, specific trouble occurs――.

This movie is a group image drama of high school students and young people, and at the same time, it is a work that can be enjoyed as a musical, and the actor acts as the voice of the main character.

Tao Tsuchiya will play the main character AI Zion, Haruka Fukuhara will play Satomi, and Asuka Kudoh will play Touma.

Tsuchiya’s voice acting and singing are lovely. As a role of high school AI that causes a miracle with a singing voice, it realistically expresses the voice between machines and humans.

Tsuchiya said about acting as AI, “I have a brain, but I don’t have human breathing, but I have emotions. I didn’t know how to play, so I listened to his AI voice in the house. I studied it. ” He heard the voice of the water heater. “The bath boiled ♪” many times and practiced.

In the musical scene, Tsuchiya echoes his singing voice emotionally, and the four songs in the play are a significant point that attracts the audience.

It seems that he had a hard time because he couldn’t do face-to-face training with the teacher who teaches the song because of the corona, but he seems to have deepened his love for the works and characters.

Kudo, who plays Touma, is his first voice actor challenge this time. After a lot of trial and error at home, he realized that it would suit the character if he made it a little higher than the ground voice. Kudo, who has loved anime since he was little, said, “It’s the best work for me. It was like a dream to have the opportunity to be a voice actor for anime that I’ve been watching since I was little.” I’m talking.

Yasuhiro Yoshiura, attracting attention in “Time of Eve” and “Patema Inverted.” Zion’s cheerful personality and sudden singing behavior will impress the audience in the story’s second half. “Listen to Ai’s Singing Voice” will be released nationwide on October 29th (Friday), which will refresh the viewer’s mysterious sensations.

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