The legendary anime ‘Chargeman Ken!’ It is now available for free on YouTube for all 65 episodes! If you look at it all at once, your brain will melt

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All 65 episodes of the legendary anime “Chargeman Ken!” Have been released for free on YouTube’s official Nack Anime channel. If you look at it all at once, your brain will melt …!

“Chargeman Ken!” It is a 10-minute animation that started broadcasting in 1974. The main character, Ken Izumi, transforms into an ally of justice, “Chargeman,” and fights against the Jural aliens who plan to invade the Earth. Since the beginning of the 1980s, it has suddenly attracted attention as a “ton demo animation”. As a cult-like work, it is still often making noise, such as stage production and soundtrack release.

This time, all 65 episodes of the main story of “Chargeman Ken!” It will be delivered at once in a remastered version. The 16th episode, “Melody of Murder Record Horror”, which is famous as a representative episode of the same work, and the 35th episode “Dynamite in the Brain”, which is familiar with the lines of “Dr. Volga, Please Forgive me!”, And the popular character “Star” You can watch as many episodes as you like, such as “The Mysterious Handsome Boy”, where the existence of “Kun” shines. Let’s see Char Lab every day from now on!

On the internet, many reactions were completely brain-damaged, such as “I often do this kind of crazy animation!”, “Official, I’m gonna do it flashy!” In addition, the 4K version of the opening theme “Chargeman Ken!” It is also being delivered.

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