YOU, voice actor for the first time in 12 years ‘It’s an honor’ co-starring with Takashi Fujii, a friend of 20 years. Movie ‘Thomas the Tank Engine

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Media personality YOU is in charge of the voice of Spain’s high-speed train, Falona, ​​in the anime movie “Kikansha Thomas Aim! Dream Champion Cup” (directed by Jason Groh & Campbell Briar, released on the 10th).

It is the first time in 12 years for an anime voice actor since 2011’s “friends Mononokejima no Naki.” Co-starring with Takashi Fujii (50), who has been her best friend for 20 years, she expressed a sense of fulfillment, saying, “I felt safe and had a lot of fun.” (Hiroyuki Arino)

Two shots of YOU and Takashi Fujii with Thomas in between
YOU, who has an attractive husky voice, has challenged himself as an anime voice actor for the first time in 12 years.

“Thomas the Tank Engine is something I’ve been attached to since my son watched it when he was little. I’m very honored because I have picture books and toys at home, and it’s a character I’ve grown accustomed to,” he said with a booming voice. He voiced the high-speed train Farona from Spain. Fujii played the role of Frederico and the twins, “I felt a strong sense of security. I would have been more nervous if it was with someone else.”

The two will play the role of provoking Thomas and others who are nervous before the race. “I’m from Spain, so I’m passionate. And because I’m an adult, I’m a mean sister who seems a little bossy. It was a lot of fun playing the role.” A relationship to call each other. “We’ve been good friends for a long time, even going to each other’s parents’ homes. When I moved to Tokyo with the story of ‘Hot Hot,’ I thought I could succeed. I often go out to eat, and I’ve been watching my progress.

The relationship between the two is reflected in the play, and the harmonious dialogue accentuates the story. Thomas is full of energy but lacks confidence in his speed. Farona and Frederico, who stand in the way of a big wall, are veterans who have won 27 times in the past. “It is interesting because it has a lot of individuality, and the characters are clear. She seems to have felt a positive response to her voice work and is showing her motivation, saying, “I want to do voice acting as well as narration and radio.”

The long-loved “Thomas the Tank Engine” has a history of more than 45 years since the picture book was published in Japan, more than 30 years of TV animation broadcasting, and a broad fan base. “I want families, couples, and the younger generation who watched it on TV when they were little to come to the theater during spring break.”

Visual representation has been dramatically improved. Previously, he pursued realistic visual expression with 3DCG, but from now on, he will be able to express the original warmth of animation. She was updated to touch. She used to be active as a singer, and in recent years she has demonstrated her talents in various fields, such as variety shows and actresses. Since 2019, she has also been on the selection committee for the Hochi Film Awards, and she evaluates her work with a stern eye. “I’m happy to have seen so many movies.

It’s also stimulating to hear the opinions of the other selection committee members. I write down my thoughts on each movie I’ve seen, and little by little, and I write down my impressions. It’s fun to see the number increase,” he said. About four years ago, she became obsessed with K-pop, including BTS, and is now addicted to Korean entertainment, including movies and dramas.

“Because TVXQ existed, BIGBANG came out, and BTS has been active. The times have been going backward recently, and I like BIGBANG the most. I wonder if the BTS girls wanted to be singers after seeing BIGBANG. When I think about it, I feel deeply moved,” and I watch over his activities from a parent’s perspective.

“Thomas the Tank Engine Aim! Dream Champion Cup” The movie version of the popular animation “Thomas the Tank Engine,” which is famous worldwide. Thomas forms a combination with Kana of the super express and participates in the Sodo Cup, which goes around Sodo Island. Falona (YOU) and Frederico (Takashi Fujii) came from Spain; Kenji and Hiro were from Japan. Thomas and Kana train hard to become champions. 62 minutes.

YOU (Yukiko Ehara) was born in Tokyo on August 29th. She made her singing debut in 1985. In 1988, she became the vocalist of the band “FAIRCHILD.” Since 1991, she has appeared on Fuji TV’s “Downtown Gottsu Ee Kanji.” As an actress, she appeared in the 2004 movie “Nobody Knows” (directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda), which was exhibited at the Cannes International Film Festival, and the NHK serial TV novel “Come Come Everybody” in the latter half of 2021.

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