Expressing the world view of ‘Violet Evergarden’ with sandals

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The second special tie-up between MAYLA, a brand that develops women’s fashion with the slogan “My body temperature rises by 2 degrees”, and the popular anime “Violet Evergarden” based on the light novel by Kana Akatsuki. I am introducing “Iconic Shoes Object Sandals” that delicately and beautifully express the world view of the work.

“Violet Evergarden” is a light novel work by Kana Akatsuki. A TV animation produced by Kyoto Animation has been broadcast since 2018. It has become a hot topic for its emotionally rich worldview and the delicate depiction of the characters’ emotions. A world tour was held before the broadcast, and it was a work that caused a great response in Japan and worldwide.

MAYLA has developed collaboration shoes and Valentine boxes with “Violet Evergarden.” The collaboration items, which are delicate and beautiful, like MAYLA, have received a great response from Japan and fans in various countries.

This time, “Iconic Shoes Object Sandals” will appear as the second unique tie-up project. Surrounded by violets and bougainvillea flowers, these sandals express the delicate and bold design of MAYLA with the theme of Violet bathed in soft light.

The color “Akora,” which seems to embody the appearance of Violet, is based on a high-quality satin fabric with a delicate luster. MAYLA’s original color, “Segen,” uses pearl white leather fabric with an elegant texture.

The frill cut insole is printed with a tie-up logo and violet flowers. The wood-grained heel with a glossy gloss finish has an antique finish.

In addition, an emerald bijou inspired by a brooch shines in the center of the ribbon, which is made of multiple layers of satin fabric, creating an eye-catching accent. A violet skirt inspires the soft frills, and the beautiful three-dimensional silhouette complements the back style.

And for the ankle charm, Violet’s profile has a cameo-like antique finish.

Pay attention not only to the sandals themselves but also to the limited edition boxes created based on the theme of the product, “GARDEN ~In the Light~,” which is based on the image of a flower garden wrapped in violets and bougainvillea flowers. The inside is designed with the story “GARDEN ~ Hikari no Naka de ~” and a scene cut of Violet covered in light and flowers.

The box, which is antique and painted in gentle colors, is an item you want to display with your shoes.

In addition, a limited B5 transparent file with illustrations drawn by Kyoto Animation is included.

A pair of shoes packed with the world view of “Violet Evergarden” in every corner. On MAYLA’s official Twitter and tie-up special page, a story narration movie of this product by Yui Ishikawa, the voice actor who plays Violet, is also available.

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