BTS V surpasses 53 million followers on Instagram

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BTS’ V surpassed 53 million Instagram followers and shone the ‘Record Setter V’ aspect.

V became the first Korean male to surpass 53 million followers on Instagram on November 21st. It is a record for reaching 53 million followers in the shortest time worldwide.

V recorded 53,289,048 followers as of 5 am on November 26th.

Since BTS opened a personal Instagram account without notice eight years after their debut, V has written numerous firsts and best records.

1 million followers in 43 minutes and 10 million followers in 4 hours and 52 minutes, which is the shortest time since account opening rose to 1st

In the first half of this year, from January to June, V ranked first in Instagram follower growth for six months, proving his most muscular social power.

V’s Instagram is unrivaled not only in followers but also in the number of ‘Likes,’ two popular indicators.

The post in which V posted four photos of his dog ‘Briquette’ surpassed 20 million ‘likes’ and ranked in the top 20 of the Instagram likes ranking.

In addition, it is the first Asian celebrity to have four posts with over 19 million posts, and all of the Asian rankings from 1st to 4th place are proving the best influence with V’s posts.

It also showed the world’s hottest social influence by recording the world’s highest sponsorship estimates of up to $814,000 (approximately 1,087 million won) as evaluated by the social media auditor company ‘Speaker.’

V has been communicating with fans the most through the fan community Weverse. After opening his personal Instagram, he finds fans more often using Instagram posts or stories as well as Weverse.

V proved his hot popularity by setting the highest Asian celebrity record on Instagram and Google, the world’s largest search engine. In the first half of this year, it ranked first in search volume for Asian stars in Google Trends and first for two consecutive years following 2021.

V also boasted the status of K-pop’s top tier by ranking first in the individual page views of Korean celebrities in the official Wikipedia rankings in October. Furthermore, since the official Wikipedia rankings began to be provided in January 2021, he has been ranked first in K-pop male solo for 22 consecutive months, consistently showing the best topicality.

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