‘Theatrical version Violet Evergarden’ Yui Ishikawa & Daisuke Namikawa announce their comments ‘I can definitely cry’

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The masterpiece animation ” Theatrical version Violet Evergarden ” will be broadcast for the first time on Nippon Television’s “Friday Road Show” from 9:00 pm to 11:34 pm on November 25 (expanded by 40 minutes). In commemoration of this broadcast, comments have arrived from Yui Ishikawa, who plays Violet Evergarden, and Daisuke Namikawa, who plays Gilberto Bougainvillea.

The ” Violet Evergarden ” series, an anime adaptation of Kana Akatsuki’s novel, is about Violet Evergarden, a girl raised as a soldier during the war who never knew love. So, I drew a figure to learn various forms of love.

Last year’s “Friday Road Show” aired the “Special Edition” of the TV series ” Violet Evergarden Gaiden Eternity and Auto Memory Doll. ” It swept the trend of Twitter for two weeks and won first place in the world trend. ” Theatrical version Violet Evergarden, “the final version of the series, was released in 2020 and recorded a box office revenue of 2.13 billion yen. In addition, Kyoto Animation’s overwhelming visual beauty and moving story won the Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Animated Feature Film.

Violet continues to wait, believing that she will meet Major Gilbert someday while accumulating experience in the writing business. Then, one day, she receives a letter with an unknown address, and the story takes a big turn. Director Taichi Ishidate personally supervised and re-edited the film for this first broadcast.

Ishikawa and Namikawa’s comments are as follows.

I feel that the word ” Violet Evergarden,” carefully nurtured by the staff, will spread even further with the power of everyone who supports it.

This movie version is about Violet herself. I would be happy if you could see her growth and the path she walked.

” Violet Evergarden ” is full of “I love you. ” Please accept the thoughts put into the work.

If you’ve been watching the TV series, you’ll feel it more deeply, but it doesn’t matter if you’re new to this movie.

Visual beauty, music, and scenario all touch your heart in this work. The letter is also the theme. I hope you will warmly accept the strong message the movie gives off.

The words that the people who saw it all said made me cry. That’s right. I will cry. I would appreciate it if you could enjoy it.

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