This year’s first ‘Escape’ is an anime collaboration with SP Mendy, which aims for a successful escape for the second time. Hinatazaka 46 Hina Kawata & Enakora participate

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Fuji TV’s “Escape x Escape Great Collaboration SP” will be broadcast at 7:00 pm on the 9th. The stage this time is Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. It will be sent as a unique collaboration project with the TV animation “Tosochu Great Mission” (every Sunday at 9:00), which started this spring.

An anime character appears in the area, and an unprecedentedly difficult mission is activated. Throw fugitives into chaos. The paradise of the sea overlooking Tokyo Bay is dyed with fear.

This time, 19 escapees will challenge the game. Mandy Sekiguchi (EXILE/GENERATIONS), who boasts one of LDH’s best physical abilities, aims for the second successful escape. In addition, the top three from the global boy’s group JO1, Akai Kinjo, Junki Kono, and Keigo Sato, who have confidence in their legs, will participate.

Attention is focused on representing the video creator Fishers, which boasts more than 7.95 million channel subscribers and Motoki and Ndaho will participate for the first time. What kind of escape drama will you show us? Also, Daisuke Namikawa, a trendy voice actor who plays the role of the game master in the anime “Tosochu Great Mission,” is burning with revenge for the last time.

In addition, two sets of champions from the comedy world will participate. The 2022 M-1 Grand Prix champions, Westland’s Hiroyuki Iguchi and Futoshi Kawamoto. And the 2022 R-1 Grand Prix champion and send-off entertainer Shinichi, who was featured in M-1. Will the two quarreling each other cooperate and succeed in escaping? In addition, there are unique faces such as Yoichi Okano, a crap character entertainer who loves money and is on break, Takushi Tanaka, Ungirls from Mr. “Escape,” and Toshiaki Kasuga, a veteran Audrey.

Two champions in the female escape also appear for the first time: Seina Irie, a boxing featherweight gold medalist at the Tokyo Olympics. Chihiro Yamamoto, the winner of the Chinese martial arts junior championship, who is also attracting attention as an action actor, also participates.

Can you shake off the hunter with the physical ability that won the world? And from the idol world, Haruna Kawata of Hinatazaka46, famous cosplayer Enako, “Mezamashi TV” weathercaster Yuka Hayashi, who has entered the 30th year, and Kosei Yuuki, who is active as an actor and has excellent motor nerves. In fear of hunters, it exposes a side that is not usually seen.

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