Akihabara killed 17 people, ‘Life Final Lap’ written by Tomohiro Kato, a death row inmate

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“With this, the number of confirmed prisoners awaiting the death penalty has decreased by one more.” However, 106 remain. Kato was executed seven years after his sentence was finalized in 2015, but many death row inmates were completed before that. Is there a reason for Kato’s “burdock removal”?

Commentary by a journalist from the social affairs department.

“Justice Minister Yoshihisa Furukawa emphasized at a press conference that he ordered the execution of the death penalty after careful and careful consideration. It was clear from the outset that he had done so, and he had admitted it early on.

However, that is not the only reason Minister of Justice Furukawa made the decision.

“The government is wary of the opposition to capital punishment. The reality is that priority is given to death row inmates who are not criticized by the authorities.” (Same as above)

Even after the final judgment, Kato stood out as an “easy-to-understand death row prisoner” among officials from the Ministry of Justice and prison officials.

Apply for works that make fun of their circumstances and incidents at the exhibition of works by death row prisoners
“Every year, I submitted paintings and poems to collections of works by death row inmates.

For example, at the “Condemned Prisoner Expression Exhibition 2017”, he exhibited a painting titled “Tomorrow, let’s do our best.” I thought it was a pointillist reproduction of the popular anime “Idolmaster,” but when I looked closer, it was not a dot but the word “depression.”

In another year, we exhibited a work titled “Kimi no Rope,” perhaps referring to Makoto Shinkai’s animated film “Your Name.” A rope was wrapped around the neck of a character who appeared to be the main character, linking him to his future.

In addition, at “Expression Exhibition 2018”, he posted a “Final Lap” titled “Life’s Final Lap.” Looking back on his life, which he was shunned after being severely disciplined by his mother, rhyming “Parents tend to dominate with force/Every day they endure humiliation,” suggesting that such a history drove him to commit crimes “Cause All unknowns,” he said, hiding the actual motive of the crime, and continued with provocative sentences, such as “I’m going to be hanged/A rusty wire that cuts into my neck/An unwelcome New Year.”

“Kato, the death row inmate who didn’t show remorse until the end.” The hanging sentence “Don’t come at me” was carried out.

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