‘Witch of Mercury’ Sleta & Mioline date Miyamori River Bridge in Iwate Prefecture Illustration & video release

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In commemorating the TV anime, “Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury no Majo” Season 2, broadcast on April 9th, the main characters, Sleta Mercury and Miolina Remblanc, will appear in the city where 28 MBS/TBS stations are located. An illustration project, “JNN 28 station interlocking project ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury Witch’ Sleta & Mioline Japan tour,” has started.

This illustration will be released on the official Twitter every day until the day before the broadcast starts, and the 4th illustration released today is “Iwate Prefecture / Miyamori River Bridge.”

The official Twitter calls for “[25 more days] until the broadcast”.In addition, an edited video has been posted, and Mioline seems to be fascinated, saying, “The train and the stars at night… are so beautiful.” To this, Sleta said, “I can see you all the time. Maybe, you can see our school!”

“Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury,” which began broadcasting in October 2022, is set in an era in which numerous companies are expanding into space and building a vast economic zone.

The main character is Sleta Mercury, a girl who has transferred from the frontier land of Mercury to “Asticasia College of Technology” operated by the most significant mobile suit industry “Benerit Group.” A story in which she walks into a new world one step at a time, lighting a bright red light in her innocent heart.

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