The production of the new series ‘Gakuen Hen’ of the popular short animation ‘Momoume’ on SNS has been decided!

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A short anime, “Momoume,” is gaining sympathy on SNS by turning various “workplaces” into laughter through the interaction between a new office lady in her 20s and a senior office lady in her 40s. The number of YouTube channel subscribers has exceeded 494,000, and the number of TikTok followers has surpassed 366,000, and it has been revealed that the movie, which has been viewed more than 100 million times, will start a new series, “Gakuen Hen.”

“Momoume,” which celebrated its 3rd anniversary from the start of distribution, was born in 2018 as a short animation of career change media for pharmacists. After that, after episodes in various occupations, “OL edition” has been distributed from 2019. Momo-chan, a 24-year-old rookie, and Ume-san, a 40-year-old veteran, have been well-received for their work, which turns everything they meet into laughter and enriches their daily lives. On June 30th (Wednesday), the first Blu-ray “Today’s hot water supply room is amazing w” and the first comic essay, “Today’s workplace is a battle royale,” were just released on the same day. Such “Momoume” will be restarted soon as a “new chapter” from the “OL edition” that closed the curtain once with the time of distribution today. By starting “Gakuen Hen” simultaneously, two series will be developed simultaneously in the future. Producer Shinnosuke Uchida of this work said about “Gakuen Hen” “Momo-chan, a high school student, delivers” play “like” Momoume “with various characters in the” fluffy feeling “unique to teenagers. I will do it. “Momoume” has been receiving a lot of attention on SNS every week. In the 4th year, with the simultaneous development of the two series, we will wait for the follow-up report of the same work, which is inevitable to be loved by fans more and more widely.

Shinnosuke Uchida (Producer) “I was most surprised by the person who planned the content that “Momoume” will be loved for three years. I’ve turned it into a laugh, and this is the sympathetic pressure that makes me feel down because I care about relationships. I’m not very good at the air like … By not worrying about such things, and making the situation of various positions equal, laughing and empathizing, “Human relationships can be troublesome, but let’s overcome them and have fun.” I put my feelings into it. Many staff, directors, and everyone involved in the production did their best to put that feeling into shape. Fans said, “I understand this situation! “I laughed and got better! I received a lot of warm reactions. Some say, “I’m watching with my family! “I didn’t want to go to the office, but I was able to go while I was watching.” “I made friends when I showed it to my disliked boss.” I’m pleased that “Momoume” has become a lubricant for human relations due to pushing people’s backs. Under such circumstances, as the world of SNS has changed steadily over the past three years, I recently had a feeling about “Momoume,” “Is it okay as it is?” Everyone is enjoying it, and I was wondering if I could continue as it is. However, I would like to deliver fresh surprises, and satisfaction toto maintain a comfortable sense of distance with the fans who have been most important in developing “Momoume.” With that in mind, I decided to aim for even higher levels in the fourth year.

First of all, the world view deepened in three years, and the voice that wanted to know more about Momo-chan and Ume-san increased, and the previously distributed “JK” on TikTok.In response to the popularity of “Hen,” we will start “Gakuen Hen” in earnest! Momo-chan, a high school student, will deliver “play” like “Momoume” with various characters in the “fluffy feeling” unique to teenagers. In addition, the office of “OL Edition” will be “remodeled” on July 1st, and the curtain will be closed once, but a new chapter will start “after the reform is completed.” Details will be announced soon, but we will also deliver a new challenge unique to “Momoume.” In delivering “Momoume,” “How do you want everyone to enjoy it?” The root of “does not change. From now on, I have no intention of running on a fixed rail. Let’s have fun with everyone at the destination! We will push forward with this spirit, so please support “Momoume” in the 4th year! Sentence / Toru Oba

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