‘Uncle in Another World’, currently on hiatus, will start broadcasting again from episode 1 on October 6th.

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The TV anime ” Uncle Isekai ” will resume broadcasting from the first episode on October 6th. It will be broadcast sequentially on AT-X, BS11, TOKYO MX, etc., and the unaired episode 8 will be published and distributed sequentially from November 24th.

Broadcasting of this work was temporarily suspended in August and September due to the rapid increase in the number of new coronavirus infections in Atelier Pontdarc, who is in charge of animation production, and other related parties. there is

” Uncle Isekai ” is based on a different world comedy manga by Mr. Almost Dead. A 34-year-old uncle (uncle) who was adventuring in a different world during his 17-year coma and his nephew Takafumi live together and look back on the uncle’s adventures while working in the video distribution business.

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