What is your favorite TV anime?

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“Madhouse” is a production studio that continues to produce highly evaluated works not only in Japan but also in the world. It is a production studio with many strengths, such as unique production and drawing boasting high artistry, high reproducibility of the original, and high-quality battle scenes. You will be impressed by the reproducibility of the original work of the masterpiece “Cardcaptor Sakura” and the high quality of the battle scene of “One Punch Man.”

Now, let me introduce ten works picked up from the masterpieces of Madhouse.

● Cardcaptor Sakura

This work has been broadcast since 1998 and is said to have triggered the Moe anime boom. The story is about fighting to collect the “Clow Card” to bring disaster to the world. The original is a manga by CLAMP, but the fact that it was made into a beautiful image without spoiling the original charm even in TV animation led to the high evaluation of Madhouse’s technology.

● Di Gi Charat series

An animated work based on the character project of “Broccoli Co., Ltd.,” which is known for planning game software and character goods. In addition to TV animation, theatrical version animation and OVA works are produced. The content is that Di Gi Charat, the star princess Di Gi Charat (commonly known as Jiko), aims to become a big actress on the earth. On June 12, 2021, the “Reiwa’s Di Gi Charat” project was launched to commemorate the 24th anniversary of Di Gi Charat in 2022. The production of a new mini animation has been decided!

● Galaxy Angel Series

A work produced as part of a media mix project and developed in various fields such as games, comics, light novels, and TV animation. Among them, TV animation is trendy. When all the episodes broadcast from the 1st period of 2001 to the 4th period of 2004 are combined, it becomes an extensive volume work of over 100 episodes. Unlike the original (game) with an intense color of seriousness, the catchphrase of the TV animation was called “slapstick SF gag comedy,” and it was characterized by more potent love elements and comedy elements.

● Paranoia Agent

2010 died young in pancreatic cancer in the year’s Satoshi Kon (Kon Satoshi), the animation director, which served as the original and general director. In a unique world view where fiction and reality are mixed, there are two main stories, “Who is the boy bat who is the criminal of the continuous street demon incident ?” And an independent novel, “The troubles of modern people.” The story progressed around. A work that depicts problems in modern society such as bullying, discrimination, and poverty with realistic depictions and drawings makes you feel a little creepy. It has a substantial impact on the viewer, such as the characteristic opening movie.


This is an animated version of the manga of the same name by Rei Hiroe. The story is that an ordinary trading company man abducted in the Thai crime city Roanapura becomes a member of an illegal organization and steps into a dark society when his company abandons him. .. It is a hard-boiled anime that is irresistible for Hollywood action movie lovers, with guns and bombs appearing frequently and some brutal scenes being drawn.

● Denno Coil

It was broadcast on “NHK Education” in 2007, and a novel based on anime was also produced at the same time. The story is set in an era when things using cyber technology have become commonplace. It has become commonplace to see the Internet using a glasses-type computer called “electronic glasses.” This work features flashy action scenes in cyber warfare using cyber glasses and is highly evaluated for its high descriptive power and drawing power unique to Madhouse.

● Kaiba

This TV anime was initially written and directed by Masaaki Yuasa,  known for the movie “Mind Game” and the anime “Kemonozume.” The title “Kaiba” refers to the organ “hippocampus” related to memory in the brain. The story is set in a world where crimes such as buying, selling, and tampering with memory are rampant as it becomes possible to convert memory into data. .. It’s a cute style reminiscent of Osamu Tezuka, but the content is a little for adults, with expressions related to sex such as “sex crimes” and “gender problems” scattered throughout the work.

● Four tatami mats and half mythology

This is an animated  version of the novel of the same name by Tomihiko Morimi under the direction of Masaaki Yuasa. The content is a story about the ending of each parallel world in which a male student in the third year of Kyoto University made different choices at the time of admission, “if he was in another circle” or “if he was not in any place.” Not only is the story fascinating, such as the different human relationships in each parallel world and the connection with another world, but also the fact that the wording peculiar to Morimi’s work is beautifully reproduced is a big attraction.

● A place further than the universe

Madhouse original anime work broadcast in 2018. Produced in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the National Institute of Polar Research, and the Maritime Self-Defense Force, it depicts high school girls aiming for the South Pole. In addition to the high drawing power that is the strength of Madhouse, it is highly evaluated that the unusual setting of “high school girl aiming for Antarctica” is sublimated as an adventure animation with a detailed story composition.

● Boogiepop does not laugh.

This animated version of a representative episode of the light novel and Boogiepop series by Kouhei Kadono. The content is a mystery involving a mysterious person named “Boogiepop,” who is rumored to “kill people while whistling” and a series of disappearances of students at a high school. It was an anime that fans of the original could enjoy because it was composed in an omnibus format in which the truth gradually became apparent toward the end.

● “Madhouse production” What is your favorite TV anime?

We introduced 10 TV animations produced by Madhouse. Which of the Madhouse TV animes that have made many masterpieces is your favorite?

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