Who does Akira Kamiya play your favorite TV anime character?

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Voice actor Akira Kamiya is a well-known veteran who is in charge of the voices of various characters such as Ryoma of “Getter Robo” and Kenshiro of “Fist of the North Star.” Who is your favorite character in the career of Akira Kamiya, who has played various roles, from fantastic characters to comical roles?

● Roy Focker (The Super Dimension Fortress Macross)

In “The Super Dimension Fortress Macross” (broadcast from 1982 to 1983), Kamiya played the ace pilot ” Roy Focker, “the superior of the main character, Hikaru Ichijo. Fokker took good care of him and was also a big brother of his subordinates. My favorite machine is VF-1S Valkyrie (Roy Focker Special). He has a cheerful and bold personality, but only his girlfriend Claudia showed a weakness. It also appears in the OVA “Macross Zero.”

● Ryo Saeba (City Hunter / Angel Heart)

The anime “City Hunter,” which started broadcasting in 1987, was made up to the 4th series, and several TV specials were also produced. The main character is ” Ryo Saeba,” played by Mr. Kamiya. A sweeper (cleaner) based in Shinjuku that undertakes bodyguards, detectives, killings, etc. It is a promise to be lewd and to “smile” the client’s beauty. Mr. Kamiya himself likes Saeba Ryo very much, and the name of the voice actor office he established is taken from this work as “Saeba Shoji.” “Angel Heart” is a self-remake work depicting the parallel world of “City Hunter.”

● Shun Mitaka (Maison Ikkoku)

In “Maison Ikkoku” (1986-1988), Kamiya played the main character, Yuusaku Godai’s lover, “Shun Mitaka.” He is a coach of a tennis club where the heroine Kyoko Otonashi and others attend and is versatile in sports. The more you look and laugh, the more your teeth shine. The attitude is always gentlemanly … and seems to be a perfect person, but in reality, it is an extreme “cynophobia.” Nevertheless, it is interesting that Kyoko’s dogs like it.

● Summary

In addition to this, Akira Kamiya has played various roles, such as Kogoro Mouri (until 2009) of “Detective Conan” and Kenshiro of “Fist of the North Star.” Who does Akira Kamiya play your favorite TV anime character?

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