Yukie Nakama joins the ranks of ‘Paupato’ voice actors, co-starring with Tomoyuki Morikawa for the first time in 25 years since ‘Martian Successor Nadesico.’

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Actor Yukie Nakama will serve as a voice actress for the first time in nine years in the latest movie version of the popular anime series “Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie” (released on December 15), nicknamed “Paupato.” became apparent. She will play the mad scientist Victoria, the biggest enemy of the Paw Patrol this time. She also co-starred with Tomoyuki Morikawa, who is also named in the Japanese dubbing cast, for the first time in 25 years since 1998’s “Martian Successor Nadesico The Prince of Darkness.”

“PAW Patrol” is a team of Kent, the leader who confronts various troubles with the slogan “Pow! Solve! Powfect!” and unique puppies. However, following the previous work “Paw Patrol The Movie” (2021), the stage will be moved from Adventure Bay to Adventure City, and “a story that everyone does not know at all” will be drawn.

A magical meteorite fell one day, giving the Paw Patrol a new Mighty Power, transforming them into the most robust puppy, “Mighty Paw Patrol.” But a nemesis, Mayor Rybal, teams up with mad scientist Victoria Vance, a terrifyingly clever scientist, to plot against the Mighty Powers.

Currently, a friend is raising two children who are five years old. What kind of evil will Victoria, who stole a magnet that attracts magical meteorites, commit?

It was his first time working as a voice actor in nine years since the 2014 animated film Giovanni’s Island. In addition to being happy to play the Paw Patrol character, he was also anxious. “My children love this work too, and when they see it, they laugh and stand up with joy. I thought that Mr. was surely receiving power,” he said. Regarding the role of the mad scientist Victoria, she said, “I wanted people to see that I had worked hard all my life. I thought that she was a person with a strong appeal. I don’t think he’s the person you’d want to be. That’s why he has the strength not to give up. He’s a stronger character than I am, so I thought adding that strength to my voice would be nice, so I did my best.”

For Paw Pat fans looking forward to the movie’s release, “This is a work that everyone can enjoy, whether they have seen the series or not. It’s a wonderful movie that will make you laugh and cry together. Please take a look.” She also announced the rest of the dubbing cast.

At the scrap factory, Satoshi Hino and Saki Nakajima play the roles of Hank and Janet, who rely on the Paw Patrol—Junichi Suwabe, who professes to be a Powpat fan as a radio DJ. Kikuko Inoue will continue to play the pungent celebrity poodle, Deloris.

Morikawa, also known for dubbing Tom Cruise this summer, will play the role of Adventure City News anchor Sam Kosher. Furthermore, Mizuta Wasabi will be the first Nyan Patrol to talk throughout the series. At the same time, the trailer that was released at the same time is showing off the chat.

The trailer, lifted this time, begins with a powerful image of a meteorite falling in the big city Adventure City, and the Paw Patrol, who collected the meteorite, finds out that the meteorite has a mysterious energy. And when the crystal in the meteorite was attached to the Paw Patrol’s Pow Tag, the Paw Patrol got great power and Mighty Pow John Up! However, the mad scientist Victoria manipulates the meteorite’s energy. The mayor of Rybal has also become gigantic, and rampages in the city!? What will happen in Adventure City?!

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