Yuma Uchida and Nobuhiko Okamoto are also astonished at the end of episode 3 of ‘Tokyo Mew Mew New’!

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The popular TV anime “Tokyo Mew Mew New ~ ♡” is currently being broadcast. This work’s original “Tokyo Mew Mew” was serialized in the girls’ manga magazine “Nakayoshi” from 2000 to 2003 and was also animated in 2002. After about 20 years, it was reborn as a completely new animation.

The five heroines and the male characters surrounding them are all unique. This is precisely the point of interest of this work. This time, Yuma Uchida, who plays Masaya Aoyama, the hero of Ichigo Momomiya (Miu Strawberry), and Nobuhiko Okamoto, who plays Alien Kish, who has a special feeling for strawberries, will be the first appearance of Kish. We talked mainly about three episodes!

Although it was exciting at the talk corner at the preliminary screening, the scene where Masaya Aoyama puts a choker on Ichigo Momomiya in the third episode was shocking.

Uchida: That shocking scene (laughs).

Okamoto: Yes, it’s the best scene!

Uchida: It’s the best scene !? (laughs)

Okamoto: It’s the best scene in episode 3. The third episode was the appearance of Quiche, and I thought, “I’ve done it. I can finally get out!” So, the Quiche comes out like a bad guy, but when I saw that scene, it became “There are more dangerous people …”.

Uchida: “I have to put a bell on the strawberry. Don’t let it go away again.”

Okamoto: I thought I couldn’t win this.

Uchida: This was a complicated scene. The emotional ups and downs are intense; if you say it exactly as you say it, you’re just a scary person.

Okamoto When I read the script, he was so scared that he was surprised (laughs).

How did you put this scene into acting?

Uchida: It’s an essential part of playing him that you can’t control your emotions when such emotions are intense, but there’s a good reason for that.

When I was a choker, the reason was, “I was worried about strawberries.” I was just worried about strawberries, and as a result of the emotional excitement that I couldn’t control, that was the behavior. I tried to have one core of “why this is so” in myself.

Okamoto: Before putting on the choker, you might say, “Where did you go!” I like that. If you read only the script
It looks sharp, but I’m worried about it, thanks to Yuma-Kun.

Uchida: If I’m worried about the base, I wonder if I’ll be just a scary person. What I’m doing and saying is impulsive, so I hope you can imagine what this person is holding. When it looked a little mysterious, I wondered if I wouldn’t have to “get away from scary.”

In the scene where the first episode appeared, it looked like a perfect prince, but it is also his charm to reveal his emotions.

Uchida: That’s right. I’m pretty knowledgeable and have a lot of courage, but sometimes I can’t control my feelings … That’s why I have a sense of excitement, “What will happen to this person today?” (Laughs).

Okamoto: It’s like, “What are you going to do today?” … It’s scary, after all! (smile)

Is the Quiche that is very popular in the field “sloppy”?

By the way, Yuuki Tenma, who plays the role of strawberry, seems to recommend Quiche.

Okamoto: That’s right. At the dubbing site in episode 3, I asked Mr. Tenma, “Is Aoyama cool from a girl’s point of view?” I was scared to even before the depiction of wearing a choker (laughs), so I asked, “What about this?” Then she said, “Aoyama-Kun, I think it’s cool, but I’m a quiche pusher.” The reason seems to be “because it’s cute.”

Uchida! (smile)

Okamoto, But you can understand something. Kish and Ryo Shirogane are two people who have elements that men like.

On the other hand, Aoyama is too perfect and feels a little jealousy from a man’s point of view. He’s an insanely funny character. Perhaps Aoyama-Kun is the character that the man likes the most.

Uchida: But I think Quiche is sloppy after all. Aoyama is an “accident chew” !!

Okamoto: Quiche is robbing strawberry lips as soon as it appears (laughs).

What kind of impression do you have of Quiche?

Okamoto: It’s a fascinating character to play. I think that human beings don’t need it for the earth’s sake, and I think they have a grudge against them because they are in a difficult situation, but the weight gradually becomes “I want to meet strawberries.” I’m going. I think it’s a little different from regular enemies because I want to see strawberries that go beyond all of them, even though I create super strong enemies.

Uchida: It’s too attractive as an enemy. It’s cute.

Okamoto: It’s cute … everything is pretty.

Finally, please tell us the relationship between the characters you are paying attention to.

Uchida: After all, is it the friendship and connection of girls centered on strawberries? How to communicate with others, how to be considerate … I think “doing something for someone” is essential work. I hope that you will be able to embrace and enjoy the various communications that occur through strawberries, such as Miu Miu’s friends, Aoyama’s favorite person, and Quiche.

Okamoto: I’m a tart and a puddle. I feel that small people are compatible with each other. Honestly, I don’t know what Ayuzu is talking about (laughs), but I think it’s a tart to hang out there. I want to see the two people side by side as soon as possible.

Yuma Uchida
Born September 21 / Born in Tokyo / I’m Enterprise affiliation / Main appearances are “Delicious Party ♡ Pretty Cure” (Takumi Shinada / Black Pepper), “Orient” (Musashi), and others.

Nobuhiko Okamoto
Born October 24 / Born in Tokyo / Raccoon Dog affiliation / Main appearances are “Not only cute Shikimori-san” (Hide Inuzuka), “My stepmom’s stepchild was a former girlfriend” (Kawanami Kogure), etc.

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