BTS Jimin’s sensual dance moves. ‘Unrivaled Dance Genius’ Reporter Bangrim Approved 2023.

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Jimin (BTS) is gathering praise for his elegant and alluring dance skills that captivate everyone.

In an article titled “BTS Jimin’s Excellence and Beauty in Dance” recently, Allkpop, an American Korean Wave media, said, “Jimin is a unique dance that uses his body as a tool to express stories and evoke emotions with captivating gestures and gestures. A genius,” he said, highlighting articles reported in domestic media.

According to All K-pop, the contributor to the article, “I think dance and music are the most artistic arts. I always think that a performance that combines the two would be wonderful,” he said, citing Jimin’s solo performance as the trigger for that thought.

He said, “Jimin entered Busan Arts High School as the top student and majored in modern dance. I felt it the moment he walked out barefoot in his white clothes and danced with the white cloth fluttering. “I will become a huge fan of his,” he praised, saying, “More than the pleasure I felt when I chose the words and wrote well, Jimin accurately expressed the beauty of the ‘silence’ of dance.”

The stage mentioned in this article is Jimin’s solo modern dance performance of “I Need U” at MMA in 2019. At the time, it created a great sensation worldwide through a beautiful and sacred stage that reminded us of Artemis, the god of the moon.

Previously, a domestic contemporary art critic also said, “I think of Jimin as an existence that straddles the boundary between an angel and a person rather than a person,” and noted that it was a stage that made me want to learn dance, followed by this stage last year as a motif. Frescoes were also exhibited at the Seoul Arts Center.

Another contributor said, “The moment he dances to the song ‘Black Swan,’ he becomes a ‘black swan.’ I have no idea how you can use your body so freely and express your emotions with the strength and weakness of your body. So I wanted to study a little more.”

In this way, Jimin’s dance goes beyond technically ‘dancing well,’ and even his eyes, expression, and breathing create a work of art with an aura of a different dimension from other dancers, making it an object of envy not only current idols but also for the general public.

All K-pop focused on this news and once again emphasized the career of Jimin, who entered Busan Arts High School as the top student and majored in modern dance. In addition, he introduced his outstanding ability as a principal dancer, saying, “I am well versed in various dances such as popping, locking, freestyle, and martial arts.”

Lastly, the media praised Jimin, who captivates everyone when he performs as an all-around dancer with a broad spectrum, regardless of genre, saying, “He has been praised as the center of BTS’s choreography with fascinating, powerful, and attractive choreography that takes your breath away.” It drew attention.

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