BTS V, Instagram follower, 1st place for four months in a row. The most famous ‘King Taehyung.’

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BTS V also took first place in the increase of Instagram followers in March, showing off its most robust popularity by occupying first place for four consecutive months.

According to ‘K-Pop Radar’, which provides an online fandom index chart, in March, V’s Instagram followers increased by 2,621,04 people, giving him the spirit of being ranked No.

V’s Instagram followers increased by 3,696421 in January and 2,531,116 in February. In December, the counting period did not complete a month. Still, from December 6 to 31 last year, the personal Instagram opening date, it attracted 2938 followers. It ranked first in the overall increase, demonstrating tremendous potential, showing great potential as the ‘Instagram King’ has solidified.

The official Twitter account used by all members and BTS, which is used to communicate with the fan community, opened a personal Instagram account, enabling more active communication, and is receiving a warm response from fans.

In just 16 days after opening, V ranked first in the number of followers among all male celebrities, breaking all domestic and international records, and announcing the birth of the ‘Instagram King’.

In particular, V’s Instagram is known for his fans and non-fans who follow him because they are curious about his handsome face and daily life.

Previously, Guinness Records stated, “With the support of loyal ARMYs, V won the record titles of 1 million (43 minutes) and 10 million (4 hours and 52 minutes) followers in the shortest time.” He said he set a new world record.

V is receiving explosive love from global fans through small but unique communication such as sharing selfies, daily life, memories, and music works through Instagram or recommending favourite songs and movies to watch.

Four posts, including the photo of V’s dog ‘Yuktan’, the first Asian celebrity to receive 19 million ‘likes’, surpassed 18 million ‘likes’, and the recent ‘Ask Anything’ with fans is a server with tremendous firepower. It also showed V’s immense popularity by downgrading it.

In addition, V shows warmth by tagging and communicating with artists from various fields at home and abroad, giving fans a fresh and rich experience.

Meanwhile, V’s Instagram account, which heated the Grammy after BTS attended the US Grammy Awards on the 4th (Korean time), proved explosive interest by adding about 250,000 followers, the most in one day.

V’s Instagram followers stood at 38,975,609 as of April 6, breaking the record for the highest number of male celebrities in Korea, illuminating his strong presence.

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