MCND unveils a new song for the first time on a European tour. Surprise ‘spoilers’ in the live broadcast

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MCND delivered a surprise spoiler through a live broadcast that there is a new song that will be released for the first time on the European tour.

MCND, ahead of their first European tour, mentioned a new song to be released for the first time on a TikTok live broadcast on the 5th.

Castle J pointed out, “I’m practising hard to present a new song stage on the upcoming European tour.” MCND then released the choreography of the new song for 30 seconds, capturing the eyes and ears of fans with its powerful group dance and addictive melody. In response, fans expressed their anticipation for the European tour stage through comments on the live broadcast and sent a message of support to MCND, preparing for the European tour.

MCND’s European tour concert is drawing attention from fans worldwide as it is the first offline European concert of a K-pop idol after the pandemic. Hundreds of dance teams participate in a dance contest that allows being invited to MCND’s performance backstage, and interest in Europe is also high.

MCND, called ‘the talented representative group of 4th generation idols’ by consistently demonstrating their confidence on the stage through various contents, will hold their first face-to-face concert through this European tour. MCND’s European tour will be held in seven cities in six European countries, starting with Amsterdam in the Netherlands on the 9th, London in England, Budapest in Hungary, Cologne in Germany, Paris and Toulon in France, and Lausanne in Switzerland.

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