BTS V, Spotify Follower Increase Solo No. 1 in September ‘Trend Move’

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BTS V showed the most muscular solo power by ranking first in the K-Pop solo ranking in the Spotify follower increase ranking in September.

According to K-Pop RADAR, V added 3,4,289 followers in September, ranking first in the growth rate of solo artists.

V recorded an increase of 4.76 million followers in 2022 alone, ranking first in the number of followers for Korean solo artists in the first half of the year.

V’s Spotify official account was first created in 2016 when he sang the OST ‘Even if I die, and it’s you’re from his drama debut ‘Hwarang.’ After that, in March 2020, she released her second OST and self-composed song ‘Sweet Night’ of ‘Itaewon Class,’ and in July of the same year, she broke through 1 million followers for the first time.

V, who has surpassed 9.77 million followers as of the 2nd, is attracting listeners by showing a sharp rise on Spotify after the OST ‘Christmas Tree’ released in December last year recorded explosive box office hits at home and abroad.

V, who has solidified his solo positioning with the ‘Trusted and Listened OST King’, proved his mighty sound source power by entering the top 3 solo rankings at once with only three OSTs without her solo album or mixtape.

As of October 3, 2022, only three K-pop solo artists, J-Hope, RM, and V of BTS, have surpassed 9.7 million Spotify followers.

After BTS announced the start of their solo activities and started Chapter 2, V has been active as an all-rounder artist through various channels.

In his personal Instagram account, which was the first step in his solo career, he set two Guinness World Records and broke 50 million followers as the shortest record in the world.

In June of this year, he attended the Paris Fashion Week show of the global luxury brand Celine and brought a hot reaction as a ‘show highlight.’ It reached number one on the Disney Plus TV show rankings.

In September, she became the first Vogue Korea cover model to become the first six cover models, recording the highest number of K-pop sales ever on global sales sites and joint purchases in China. So did. He also served as an example by receiving a commendation from the city of Goyang for ‘conscientious taxpayer.’ Fans around the world are paying attention to V’s trending moves.

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