‘Insta Personal World No. 1’ BTS Jimin, 1st place in Instagram daily follow increase. ‘Hot Popular’ with only 16 posts

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BTS Jimin took first place as the K-pop star with the most followers on Instagram for the past 24 hours.

According to Space Audi’s K-Pop Radar, which aggregates K-pop fandom data, Jimin’s personal Instagram account has increased by more than 100,000 followers over the past two days and five days, and it has now surpassed 34.75 million followers.

Judging from the increase in followers achieved through just 16 posts on Jimin’s Instagram, which is usually not active, the global popularity and explosive interest of Jimin can be guessed.

Jimin, who is called the strongest SNS, has shown unrivalled prominence by maintaining #jimin, the world’s highest-ranking of the Instagram personal figure.

As a result of the analysis of HypeAuditor, a global influencer marketing platform, immediately after opening an Instagram account, a personal SNS for the first time since debuting last year, Jimin, who debuted with the highest ranking among Korean influencers with only two posts, is active Despite this, it is ranked 16th.

As a result of the participation rate analysis of the social media statistics site ‘Socialtracker’, Jimin recorded a total follower participation rate of 47.78%, ranking first among the members, showing off his unrivalled popularity.

After being ranked No. 1 on Instagram in 2019, Jimin has recorded more than 68 million mentions on Instagram with his unique hashtag ‘#jimin’ so far, and as of midnight on the 7th, it is also the world’s highest number of mentions with more than 68.71 million. As a loved individual, he has broken his own records and continues to be popular on social media.

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